Abbotts Halloween Special


Houdini Seance 1946

by Demon Rembrandt

This is a reprint from December 1946 Tops

Newspapers all over the country carried the story of the seance staged by a group of 13 Detroit Magicians on Halloween in an attempt to induce Harry Houdini to indicate in some way that he was trying to communicate with them from the spirit world.

His own autographed book, "Miracle Mongers and Their Methods" was placed on a great carved chair between two tall candles; his autographed photograph was placed behind it; a pair of his own handcuffs were placed locked in the foreground.

All Houdini had to do was move one of these hallowed objects and the 13 would have been satisfied. But apparently Houdini wasn't moving any - for the objects remained unmoved. Karrell Fox, Abbott's Detroit manager and Rex Billings, Jr., thought they saw a slight vibration of the book cover, but both agreed with Milton Kort that it was an illusion caused by heat waves from the candle flames. Bob Ungewitter saw nothing and Frank Amand, an escape artist himself, was puzzled that Houdini hadn't come back to him.

Magicians' groups in other cities held similar vigils, but with no result, either. Said Detective Sergt. Del Raymond, who had checked the cuffs and the locks, "How would poor Houdini know where to go with everybody trying to drag him all over the country?

Anyway, the seances are a fitting memorial to the memory of this great Magician."

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