Abbotts Halloween Special



Yorick makes a great assistant for any magician, always there, and always agreeable. Yorick is under your control at all times (just ask him) and when his jawbone drops to make a noise, it is just what you would imagine a skull doing if it wanted to communicate with the living.

Yorick comes with a boatload of instructions, ideas, presentations, and routines. The gimmick is small and will fit in a pocket if you like. It has a pretty good range but with all transmitters you should remember that there is always a chance another signal on the same frequency (or a frequency harmonic) could disrupt your Yorick.

Yorick is put together very well and has served me faithfully for 3 years now without nary a problem. Works great with Predict a Total as well, as Yorick will bang out the three digit number that has just been totaled up by a spectator. Works very well as a comedy prop in the same way a ventriloquist doll does.

No wires to worry about, it can be performed on any surface or table (many people think there are wires going to Yorick from a table which could not be further from the truth).

Below is the sales ad for Yorick...

Magician displays a "human" skull and places it on a table, book, etc. Upon command to "wake up and pay attention" the skull tips up to "look at" performer. Skull is now asked a series of questions and responds by loudly opening and closing his bony jaw.

We think YORICK fills a need for a no-frills talking skull. He looks innocent of deception yet actuallly contains a state-of-the-art radio control receiver and a motor which actuates the jaw. The transmitter button is about the size of a quarter and can be worn or hidden anywhere you like. The range is up to approximately ten feet!

Ideal for club work, floor shows or on stage. The skull picks out prominent people in the audience and tells them their innermost secrets. It picks out the "would-be" golfers, tells a man how many cigars he has in his pocket, gives the dates on coins, Have him say AAAHHH because you think he's looking a little thin and pale, have him name a selected card, blindfold him, etc. In other words, you can almost work a two person mental routine by having the skull act as the medium.

The below video is very basic but gives you an idea of how easy this item is to use. This is actually my first time playing with it since I brought it home from Abbotts dealer room in early Aug 08. In this video I intentionally removed the color and added the echo effect to make it a little creepy since my wife would not let me bring out the Halloween stuff this early. The skull can be placed on any hard surface and will work fine, nothing hidden or touching the skull, just move it where you want it.

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