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Witches Almanac

Witches Almanac is my favorite Halloween effect and I use it year round so this review might be a little bias but there really is not alot of bad to say about this effect. The working of it is brilliant and it still is priced under a hundred dollars which is a steal in my opinion. You can call it a book test I suppose, but its so unique that it really is difficult to classify. Almost instantly you will be able tell what reading someone is getting. Lets look at the high points of this effect.

No fishing, No setup time, No reset time, No angles, repeat it if you like, aged props look great, the effect has a ton of atmosphere, and you can make it as big or small of an effect as you like. This is very close to cold reading without having to have years of experience and the risk of failure that comes with cold reading. The trick never fails either... the performer may mess something up but the props will always deliver.

Low points...A little memory work, if you can remember a limerick or poem, you can remember this. After that I really can't see any issues (I wouldn't even call this an issue, but you will have to read the instructions before doing this effect) with Witches Almanac.

You can be very creepy when you do it (this is where you come in, your role in this effect is to play the part of a creepy magician, medium, mentalist, etc. The props will create the atmosphere, follow their lead.

This effect has my highest praise, and if you don't believe me, check out the magic forums and you will see similar raves about this effect. Without a doubt my favorite Halloween effect and one of my top 4 "perfect" magic effects of all time (perfect meaning no real issues, easy to do, work on your performance).

Below is the sales ad for Witches Almanac...I should say part of the sales ad, there are so many testimonials that I had to leave them out but you can see them all here.

This is the largest of the Outlaw Effects aged book series at 5 " by 4 " inches, but still small enough for adding a bit of "spice" to your strolling act. There are over 140 pages with over 30 illustrations. On every right hand page there are 8 different "inner truths" (500 total in the book), on the left side are various "witchy pagan" illustrations and quotes. These "inner truths" are made up of elements, emotions, guidence and "cures" that are specifically aimed at the reader. They are designed to not only allow you to "see into their mind", but they give you information that will allow you to be "one ahead" for any cold reading you might want to do based on the entry they have chosen, an entry they will instantly internalize as relevant to only them. The Witches Almanac allows you to duplicate an illustration in a very unique way. It lets you reveal a quote you couldn't possibly know the spectator is reading, it let's you reveal emotions the spectator is experiencing and how they can overcome a negative experience.

The Witches Almanac is 100% examinable. There are no "banks", no svengali principle or short pages used. You do not need to know a page number, you do not peek the book, and there is NO fishing. The book is small enough to carry with you anywhere! You'll never leave home without it!

The method is so simple it will blow your mind. Every page in the book is hand aged. The cover is an aged and distressed velo stock (not card stock). It is perfect for those that want to add a little "mystique" to their set. Presented to Abbott customers through a special arrangement with Outlaw Effects.

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