Abbotts Halloween Special


Web Trick

Billed as one of the scariest tricks around, the Web Trick is, when it comes down to basics, a packet trick that comes alive in the spectators hand.

The instructions point out that this effect is not for everyone and they are right, this could really P.O. the wrong person.

In this effect, the magic is a misdirection for the shock of the spider being on the hand which makes this a perfect Halloween effect. There is not much to the packet effect, but that's ok because if you do this right, they won't remember the packet trick at all, only that a big black spider got on them.

Couple minor issues with the effect. Slight angle issues with the spider, just be careful. Make sure the "gimmick material" is rubbed on the fingers a few seconds to lessen the chance of the spider falling off the spectators hand. The rubbing of the "gimmick material" is the setup basicly, so the effect can be reset in a couple seconds (although the odds on repeating this to the same audience are slim because the shock value will be gone).

This effect is good for strolling magicians at amusement park lines and haunted house lines. Have a few extra spiders with you (the effect comes with everything you need but I have seen this spider get flung pretty far from a terrified spectator). Not a good effect for table hoppers as I am sure the restaurant owners would not appreciate a "bug trick" while people are eating.

Web Trick comes with everything you need (if you decide to perform this outside or in a crowded area, I would suggest a spare spider as mentioned earlier) and the instructions are complete and even include the props to make your spider "bigger and hairier". The card is easy and so is the spider finale. The hard part for me was getting the nerve to try this on someone, and even when you succeed you are not always certain what the outcome will be, which is why I would only do this at Halloween time under the protective umbrella of "trick or treat" for this is certainly a trick in that sense as well as the magic sense.

The effect is very well priced, usually around $10-$15 and carried by most magic dealers.

Below is the sales ad for the Web Trick...

One of the scariest tricks around. You ask the spectator to place her hand out, palm up. Count out four blank face cards onto her hand. With a magic word, each card now has a spider web printed on it's face. Ask her to wave her hand over the cards and there is a giant black spider on the back of her hand!

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