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Voo Doo Doll

Voo Doo Doll , like Glorpy, is perfect to keep on hand when you get in a situation to perform and need a quick but spooky effect. Based on a very old magic principle with a wand, this has been already spookified and packaged for you at about $10 a doll.

Like Glorpy, you don't want to stay on this one too long. They will be certain there are threads attached which is a natural conclusion so perform it just long enough to grab their attention, then prove that threads are not involved by passing your hand over the doll. This should be plenty of Voo Doo Doll for anyone and should leave them puzzled, guessing, and hopefully entertained and yearning for more.

Voo Doo Doll can be performed surrounded and does require practice. The doll is under your control at all times. Setup is very brief and can be done in front of the spectators, however I would suggest a quick turn of the back while getting a drink to do the setup, there is no point chancing it in front of spectators. One setup may last for more than one performance, and this is also an excellent effect to do for Trick or Treaters.

Like Glorpy, this one also suffers from being underpriced. You probably won't see too many kids doing this due to the method, but I do know it is a popular effect for magicians in the military especially during field maneuvers, this is because it only needs a human hand and not a flat surface (not even Glorpy can make that statement).

Below is the sales ad for Voo Doo Doll ...

The Magician shows a realistic looking voodoo doll. It is placed in the spectators hand to look at. It is just a little straw doll. When the magician lays the doll in his palm, it suddenly comes to life rising like a mummy out of a casket and stands up straight! Spectators will believe that an invisible force is making it rise up and down. The doll is completely under your control. No wires or threads.

A magical effect that you will always carry with you.

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