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Visible Sawing

Modern day haunted houses have lots of very expensive animatronics and special effects. We had a couple of these at our haunted house, but no matter what we did, nothing beat the guy with the chainsaw. Whatever haunted house you visit, its almost a given that there will be a chainsaw guy. To some degree you can replicate this in magic with Visible Sawing.

Visible Sawing uses a real jig saw with a real blade (although I have no idea what such a long blade would be used for in a jig saw) so the sound and prop have realism. Visible Sawing is economical when compared with the thousands of dollars for a sawing in half illusion, and Visible Sawing can also be performed surrounded, something that many of its higher priced counterparts cannot boast. Visible Sawing does not require a trained assistant (which is mandatory in most other sawing in half methods) so you can use a person from the audience (this makes it a popular choice for magicians who want to saw in half the guest of honor, or VIP at an event). Reset time is less than a minute but does require privacy.

Visible Sawing is great for trick or treaters, simply hold up the blade and start sawing when they come up. The noise alone will generate a great reaction. This is one of the few effects that we have done that we did not even try to "spookify" in any way, although I suppose some blood on the saw and yolk (frame) probably would not hurt.

Visible Sawing does have some drawbacks. Since the body is not separated its not really a true sawing in half, more of a penetration similar to a guillotine or chopper effect (this feature in my opinion makes it more apt for Halloween). The effect requires 110 volts so you will have to have an extension cord running across stage most likely.

One factor that could work for or against the prop is portability. It is the most portable sawing illusion you can find, but don't forget you will need a table (or you will be sawing on the floor). If you are working a hall this probably won't be an issue since you could borrow one, but if you are working in a living room you might have to have your own table ready (in which case portability goes out the window on this effect).

There also is a legit danger, unlike the guillotines where the blade probably wouldn't hurt you even if it hit you, this blade is sharp so if the magician mishandles or drops the saw he could conceivably injure someone. I personally have never heard of someone getting hurt by this effect but it should be mentioned that the blade is sharp and you are using an electric saw.

All in all this is a well built effect that should last a lifetime (and you can use the saw in your workshop). Below is the sales ad for Visible Sawing...


A Neat portable method using a power saw. A real feature effect that packs in a suitcase with the rest of your show. Borrow a girl right out of the audience. Place her on any table and cover her middle with the wooden frame. The power jigsaw is started up and you run it right thru the frame and out the other side. Imagine the noise and excitement of this thrilling effect!

The Blade is seen POWERED before penetrating the spectator!

ALSO the Blade is POWERED as it exits the waist!

Can be performed ANYWHERE even close-up and surrounded, without fear. Comes complete and ready to go including a Real Saw (brand new), beautiful lacquered wooden frame and full instructions.

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