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Vampire Dawn

The controversy surrounding packet tricks will never be reconciled, some people love them and others hate them, but at Halloween with spooky cards I think packet tricks fit right in, trouble is, there are not a whole lot of them to choose from. I have 3 packet effects that I am very fond of...Trik Cards by Nick Trost (no longer available), Alien Invasion by Danny Archer (no longer available), and the one I am going to talk about here, Vampire Dawn, the only one of the three that still can be purchased new.

I wish there were more effects like this because the quality of the cards is good, yet there are not a whole lot of colors so it maintains a somewhat creepy atmosphere. You show a blank card and four vampires, one by one the vampires go into their coffin (turn over) until all four are face down. However, the vampires did not know that someone had sprinkled Holy Water on the coffins and when the cards are turned over, they are all blank because the vampires had turn to dust. When you turn over the blank card it is now a business card from a famous vampire hunter.

Nothing really new with these cards (by that I mean it is a standard packet trick) except the colorful vampire theme. If you are a fan of Mr. Elmsley you will be doing this in no time. Reset takes only about 2 seconds and you are ready to go again. Trick comes with an instructional DVD and a second packet trick called the "Handy Trick Collection" which is probably a nice trick but has nothing to do with Halloween so I completely blew it off. You also get a nice wallet to carry both the Vampire Dawn effect and Handy Trick Collection effect so this is a very good bargain at less than $20.

I think everyone should have at least one Halloween effect that they carry around with them all the time and are ready to show it when asked, for me, that trick is Vampire Dawn.

Below is the sales ad for Vampire Dawn and Handy...

Two amazing packet tricks combined on one DVD. These are fun, visual tricks that are easy to learn! Join Paul Hallas on his DVD collection of Packet Trick Treasures! All Cards Included!

Handy Trick Collection

Let your audience provide a helping hand by amazing them with your Handy Trick Collection! Paul Hallas will teach you step-by-step how to perform each packet trick, plus a few secrets that will leave your audience astonished! These packet tricks are handy to have for that unexpected time for magic!

Vampire Dawn
Vampire Dawn is spooky and fun! Paul Hallas gives you step-by-step instructions on how to perform this packet trick. He also includes a few bits of comedy that will add to your performance that will leave your audience captured! Lucky for you, the vampired are only on the cards as the story is told.

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