Abbotts Halloween Special


Un-Holey Surprise

Once again we have taken a standard magician prop (Hole Surprise) and spookified it by adding spooky cards, in this case 1 spooky card from a Freddie Krueger deck. The Halloween patter is simple and makes sense, Freddie Krueger has taken over (possessed) the 2 of spades in this case and to keep the card contained you have sandwiched it between two normal cards and passed a bolt through the 3 cards so that they are inseparable. Trouble is, Freddie keeps trying to trick the guards (or sentinels) by moving the punched hole.

The trick is actually quite easy to do, but it does require a knack or familiarity (aka practice). The setup takes a little time and requires privacy and a tool (which is provided). For this reason the effect is not repeatable, but once set up you can perform it anytime. The effect can be done surrounded, and the signed card can be given out as a souvenir (the only time I think it is wise to hand something out for inspection is when you aren't going to get it back). Only the three cards are used, but each time you perform this effect (and this is true with any effect where they sign the card) you destroy at least one card.

What makes this hand down better than many of the effects discussed is that they signed the half of the card that did not have the hole, and then the hole moved to the side that they signed. Their is literally no explanation for this and it makes the effect all that more spookier (there are actually two very clever secrets going on with this effect and the two work perfectly together).

Below is the sales ad for Hole Surprise...

Uses three cards that have a punched hole. They are fixed together by a bolt threaded through the holes. A spectator signs on the middle card. When the signed card is pushed between the other cards, the card slides. That means, the hole on the middle card moves over, and now it has come close to the signature. At the end, the bolt is removed from the card and audience finds that the hole has been moved. Everything is examinable after the effect. An explanation DVD is supplied with Hole Surprise.

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