Abbotts Halloween Special


Tricky Tarantula

Tom Burgoon was appearing at the Get Together and he showed me this effect. I really liked it and had no idea how that spider kicked out the right card. The second revelation was ok, but to me the effect was the spider kicking out the card. In the demo below I am doing both revelations but when I do this one personally I only use the spider revelation (one card selected).

The method was clever and easy and I enjoyed performing the Tarantua effect. However, even this obviously fake tarantula caused terror in some people. People do not like spiders (When Jim Pace wanted to scare someone by having an creature appear on their hand in "Web" he chose the spider). They look like they belong in another world and yet they have an almost hypnotizing methodology about themselves. They are vampires in the true sense that they drain the blood of their victims, the black widow's devour their mates, and how such a small animal can create such a large web is almost supernatural in itself. All these factors led this comedy effect to be entered as a Halloween effect. Spiders are scary, period.

No real issues with this effect, if I wanted to nit pick I could say the spider can be unpredictable, you do not know how many jumps it will take before he locates the spectators card. Obviously it is a closeup only effect.

The effect is reasonably priced under $20 and you won't have any problems performing it. I modified the presentation a little in the demo below but you should get the gist of the effect. As I said above, I generally only use the spider kicking out the card part of the effect because I think the second revelation is anti-climactic.

The Tricky Tarantula is sometimes hard to find but you can get it from Tom Burgoon directly if all else fails.

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Two cards are selected and are found by Tricky Tommy Tarantula in the most amazing and hilarious way! Comes with deck, Tricky Tommy and complete routine!

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