Abbotts Halloween Special


TransDimensional Horror

Transdimensional Horror requires two props, a Twin Di Box from Abbotts, and Di Vision available through Abbotts. Individually both of these props are top notch so when Halloween is over these two props can teleport back to their normal versions.

Couple issues between the two effects, Twin Di cannot be done surrounded, however Di Vision can, but if you are using them together then you will not be able to perform this surrounded. These effects are not hard to do, however you have to get used to handling the props. If you are already familiar with a Die Box you are already ahead of the game. Also, these props can completely fill the tops of most magic tables so you might want to do the teleportation from different tables depending on how much room you have. None of the Die's can be handed out for inspection.

The positives are you can combine two great effects in a variety of ways. In the demo below I talk about transdimensional teleportation and the Philadelphia experiment but it could just as easily have been "The Fly" (I have included a demo of the fly as well, although I think the patter is more logical, the picture of the fly is just not as easily seen as a disembodied eyeball). the only modification you have to make is to rubber cement an image onto the Di Vision. This actually makes the Di Vision easier to handle since you have to put it in the box (prison) a certain way and its very easy to mess up when all the sides look the same. However when one side has a sticker on it and you know that it goes in front, it now makes it less likely to mess up (if you put the sticker out but upside down it will also not work so you still have to take care and pay attention to detail while doing the routine).

Setup on both these effects can be done in under a minute, and in a way the effect is repeatable, let me explain. When you have finished the version I do on the demo, you could go into a standard die box routine with the Twin Di, explaining that they have worked out the bugs and now the die can travel back and forth at will, but then something happens and the die vanishes completely, and when you turn over the hat (or whatever you use in your die box routine), it is the evil eye back from the nether regions.

This also makes a great Jekyl and Hyde routine, werewolf routine, and vampire routine. There are probably countless other routines you can work out with the combined props but these come quickly to mind.

The routine can be as long as you like and as creepy as you like so let your imagination soar on this effect.

The sales ad for Twin Di is below... The sales ad for Di Vision is below that.

This outfit must really be seen to be appreciated. The die is four inches cubical, lacquered in bright yellow with black spots. The platform is black and the chests are mandarin green with an oriental design in white and rose. The chests and the die contrast nicely. The assembled chest measures seven inches high, ten inches long and five and one-half inches deep. The decoration is designed to look like Ming trees and oriental pagodas with a bamboo border. Polished metal hinges and fittings. A truly deluxe finish combines with the finest workmanship. Virtually every die box routine may be performed with this outfit. An Arturo creation.

Di Vision

Rare Magic from Germany

Extreme High Quality VISUAL Penetration

A 4 inch cube penetrates two heavy stainless steel blades inserted thru the sides of a box. The cube visibly penetrates first the top blade then visibly penetrates the bottom blade.

The audience sees the block at all times thru the open front tube. For a finale' the tube and block are picked up and shown freely. No shells! No reset!

Skillfully made to last years of performing

Manufactured In Germany. Heavy-Duty Craftmanship.

Additional version as "The Fly" below. I still need to make the fly sticker more visible but I like the storyline better.

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