Abbotts Halloween Special



When you walk into the Abbott Magic Co. you will see Torturette's on the shelf, with a Cobra snake drawing on it. The prop looks very innocent in this state with just a few spikes protruding out the bottom. The prop is kept this way at the store for one reason, so as not to scare anyone.

Torturette is a gruesome prop right out of the dark ages. Huge nails protruding down on this prop, and they are real nails. If Abbott's displayed this thing on its shelf with the spikes out and exposed (as in the picture here) people would wonder if it was safe for kids to be there. What practical purpose could a device like Torturette possibly do? That's an easy question to answer and you will get that answer once you push those spikes down with your arm or an assistants arm in that box, the groans and moans from the audience means a job well done in this case!

Torturette has a few drawbacks, although not large, it does not compact any. Take care with this prop, those are real nails! The magician should use this on himself or an assistant, I would not invite someone from the audience like you would with a chopper effect since this effect will take some practice. The nails are not removable and the box with nails will add a few pounds to your lifting.

Now the good - There is no setup time, its always ready to go, this effect could be performed surrounded with a little practice, and the shiny nails can be seen from quite a distance so this could be done in a living room or on a stage.

This is also an excellent effect to use at repeat performances to replace a chopper effect like Disecto or the French Arm Chopper. Like those two props, this one creates atmosphere (although I never understood the snake painted on the front of the prop). A touch of red paint on the nails does not hurt this effect either, and since they are real nails there is no fear of getting the paint off since a little sanding never hurt anything.

Below is the sales ad for Torturette...

For a change, the magician tortures himself. Yes, you Mr. Magician, show how your arm is immune to pain by driving solid steel spikes through your arm. The cabinet is just large enough to comfortable hold your arm. You can walk right into the midst of the audience and let anyone try it - yes, let them examine it carefully. The spikes in the handle are all solid and conform to the holes in the top and bottom of the cabinet. Now, with the arm in position you force the spikes through the holes.

You show it on all sides. The audience plainly sees the top of the spikes showing in the handle, while the points of the spikes are visible at the bottom of the cabinet. And the way the spikes are set in the handle and the number of spikes used leaves no room for trickery. That is why TORTURETTE is so convincing. You can use any arm in this illusion. The idea of the magician using it on himself is both new and novel. We unhesitatingly say that this is the most astonishing, best-looking torture effect ever released. Finished in lacquers with the design in a Hindu motif. (No workshop plans available.)

Nails through arm. Looks impossible. Best used with a savvy assistant or your own arm.

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