Abbotts Halloween Special


Super X Levitation

This is one of the most photogenic levitation available, many magicians get one just to get the publicity shots. It's the exact same principle when using this effect for Trick or Treaters - Set it up but instead of taking a picture you simply replace yourself with a skeleton and you have an outstanding Halloween levitation prop. If you have a live person weighing less than #150 you can use that person instead of the second skeleton.

Lets look at the Super X Levitation as a magic illusion. The Super X Levitation cannot be performed surrounded, it needs to be routined and practiced so that the moves blend smoothly (nothing hard about this effect by any stretch of the imagination, you just want to get familiar with the routine).

Super X Levitation is well built and reasonably priced. It breaks down for easy transportation and can be put together in about 3-5 minutes with an adjustable wrench. Spectator does not have to be let in on the secret so you can find someone in the audience to do this effect, just beware of the weight restrictions. The effect comes with a hoop to pass over the girl and two supports which are commonly known as "Cleo's" since they are designed to look like Cleopatra.

Below is the sales ad for the Super X Levitation...

This illusion can be performed in the center of a brilliantly lighted stage, away from all curtains and drops. A board is seen resting on two decorated supports. Any spectator (or the magician's assistant) is placed on the board. The supports are removed and the board (and the person) remains suspended in mid-air!

A flexible hoop is passed completely around and over the person on the board. The audience can clearly see under and above the floating subject. This is a one-man illusion, requiring no assistants. The "Super-X Levitation" weighs less than fifty pounds, is quickly assembled and has nothing that will wear out or go wrong.

Abbott's "Super-X Levitation" surpasses them all for practicality and effectiveness. A proven-safe method. It can be performed anywhere: club, living room, on stage or outdoors. There is nothing attached to the performer at any time. You can work this illusion immediately.

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