Abbotts Halloween Special


Spook House

To be quite honest with you I do not know the name of this effect, I bought it used at the Abbott Flea Market last May. The effect is similar to the Sefalagia, Pogo Ball, Astro Ball, and Schwocho boxes, but uses a different method to achieve this. When it was demonstrated for me I thought for sure it was the Sefalagia/Pogo Ball/Astro Ball effect but it was something completely different. In its own way, it actually is easier to do in many respects.

The basic effect in all these methods is that a ball and glass is placed in a box and when the box is opened the ball is inside the glass. The Schwocho version definately adds more possibilities such as selecting a glass from 3 glasses or having the ball vanish at the end, but the basic effect of the Schwocho box is the same, a ball appearing in a glass when it was placed outside the glass.

If I was to rate the methods I would do it like this.

Sefalagia/Pogo/Astro is the most reliable method in my opinion.
Schwocho Box is the most spectacular method in my opinion.
Spook House is the easiest to perform and set up in my opinion.

Lets look at the positives with this effect. Perform it surrounded, perform it close up, its quiet (unless you mess up), perform it on stage. The ball and glass can be inspected before and after the effect if you like (The Schwocho box also could do this) and the box can be shown at any time front and back (Sefalagia/Pogo box can also do this). There is really no setup, the outfit is ready to go all the time. It requires a little practice to get the knack, but its one of those effects that you will enjoy practicing in front of a mirror with.

The bad is that I do not know the name of the effect, nor do I know where to refer you to get one. I paid $20 for this at a Flea Market, but believe it is worthy much much more. It seems to be mechanically perfect and well made, but I have only had mine less than a year so its difficult to rate it long term. If it has a flaw or issue I would have to say that it is possible to screw this up if you aren't paying attention or not familiar with the prop. There could be an angle issue with this but very minor and probably not in the direction you are thinking of. Both these are reaching but they are real and could be issues. Both would be eliminated with a little practice.

The effect is easy to do so you can concentrate on the routine. This is where the effect will become either a miracle or a simple puzzle, its all in the presentation.

I hope to find out more info about this prop and will certainly post it here when I have it.

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