Abbotts Halloween Special


Spirit Feather

Spirit Feather has a very similar effect as the Voodoo Doll, although the methods are completely different. I have used the Spirit Feather with Trick or Treaters and Halloween parties and it has gone over good. I do not know if it is strong enough to stand on its own in a magic show, but it does very well as a quickie interlude, in that effect similar to Glorpy.

Couple issues, the feather is a real feather which makes it a little fragile so don't expect to carry this one in your pocket for you would almost certainly bend or break the feather. For those who like handing things out for examination afterwards this one would not sit well with you. Although you have only the card and feather, you are certainly not clean at the end. From a distance it is hard to tell what is going on with this feather.

Couple strong points, once the feather is going you can get pretty closeup with this effect. This is a fun effect for the magician (perhaps could even be classified as one of those effects magicians like better than audiences). Priced under $20 it is a bargain. Don't overdo the effect and you should be fine. This would probably work well with mentalism effects since it does look like the feather is trying to write something. Using it with a Ouija board or spirit slates would probably go over well.

Below is the sales ad for Spirit Feather...

The magician shows his audience a vibrantly colored feather, and attempts to balance it on the back of a playing card. He succeeds! But then, the real magic happens: the feather seemingly controlled by the spirits, rises to a vertical position on the back of the card, and begins to twist, twirl and dance! It moves back and forth and around in a circle at the command of the spirits! The spectator then removes the feather from the card. They can examine it, and the card can be freely shown.

No threads
no magnets
no complicated gimmicks
Works every time

actually it works like a charm. Guaranteed to catch the eyes of every spectator in the room. Imported from Europe.

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