Abbotts Halloween Special


Skeleton Thru Glass

This is the Dove Thru Glass effect except that it is done with a skeleton hand rather than a dove. For those who are unfamiliar with this prop it is one of the easiest effects to learn, and the secret and gimmick is so cool that you will play with this effect in front of a mirror just to watch it yourself. All you really need to worry about with this effect is how you are going to present it, but it is so versatile that you might lose yourself in that thought.

Almost anything that can fit through the circular bushings on the front of the device will work and penetrate through the glass. I have seen hands, balloons, and wands go through one of these and each time looked great. This is one of those effects that to really pull it off you should give the audience at least a chance to inspect the glass, since the stuff is transparent some might think there is nothing there in the first place. I would not let them actually handle it, but let them tap the glass especially if you are working with a smaller group of people.

Not a whole lot to complain about on this illusion, even the angles are good from all sides, back, front, top and bottom.

You do not see this effect performed very much, it is a little pricey and its always put in the Livestock are of online magic stores because of its name. But you will find a dozen uses for this effect especially if you do stage or kid shows. The props pack flat and it plays really big and I also love the effect with the skeleton sticking his hand through the glass, it almost looks like he is reaching over from the other side and trying to return to our world.

Below is the ad for the Dove Thru Glass...

The magician shows a sheet of clear plexiglass plastic which is encased in a decorative wooden frame--all of which is mounted upon an attractive wooden base. The spectators may touch and tap the plastic, proving it solid. There is a hinged star-trap flap at the center of each side of the sheet of plastic. With the flaps in position, a live dove is passed through the solid sheet! The live bird-actually-physically-penetrates right through the solid sheet of plastic! (Any small animal or object may be used). The flaps are flipped down immediately and the sheet again tapped and touched and proved to be solid. The entire sheet and frame are in full view throughout the performance. This may be performed completely surrounded with no fear of detection. Overall height is twenty inches, approximately fifteen inches wide with a beautiful lacquer finish. A mechanical mystery, elegant in appearance, super in effect. An Abbott quality product.

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