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Silk Through Skeleton

The Silk Through Skeleton is done with a standard magicians gimmick and silk, but we are going to treat this effect as an individual effect so that if you are unfamiliar with the method, you will know what to purchase if you want to perform it. The method employed is the same as the silk through microphone stand except we are using a skeleton instead of the mic stand.

Lets go over the high points of Silk Through Skeleton. It is always ready, it is repeatable and it resets itself automatically. The angles are very good on this effect, (although I don't think it would be practical to do surrounded but it is possible). The effect is very visual and is relatively inexpensive around $20 - $30 depending on the quality of the silk and gimmick. Carry this one in your pocket and you are always ready to perform. In addition there are many other effects that can be done with this gimmick as it is one of the most popular magician gimmicks around today.

Low points, Silk Through Skeleton does make a little noise however if you were passing a silk through something you would expect some noise so I don't think this is a big deal. Also if you are using this for trick or treaters there will be plenty of background noise to cover any small noise this might make. While the angles are good you have to be very careful with a combination of bright light and bad angles. Stay away from white backgrounds with bright light. In this particular effect you would have to carry a stand up skeleton (which I am assuming you already have) or be in a place that has them available. Any skeleton with a spinal bone, neck, or vertebrae will do, but having to transport a skeleton takes away any portability advantage the gimmick and silk might have.

I use the patter of catching a ghost and why none are ever caught. It fits the routine as you sneak up behind the skeleton, place the silk around it, and apparently have captured a spook. However, it is all for naught because when you try to "reel" him in, the silk passes right through the neck or backbone of the skeleton.

Silk Through Skeleton is ideal for Trick or Treaters because it happens so fast, and if they say "do it again" you could if you wanted to. The effect is very popular with stand up magicians so it is reliable and battle tested so to speak. If you have stand up skeletons at your next event you should seriously consider using this effect. Its quick, its flash, and its very visual (I do not know if I would go out and get a skeleton just to do this effect, but I would think about it).

Below is the sales ad for Silk Through Skeleton...

Magician explains why no one has ever captured a ghost -because things pass right through them. To demonstrate this a human skeleton is brought on stage. The magician sneaks behind the skeleton and apparently captures the skeleton by placing a silk around its neck. Without any cover of any kind, the silk melts through the skeletons neck.

This versatile effect can easily be performed with other items such as an upright microphone stand. You can also use this to perform the Serpentine Silk where a knotted silk visually unties itself...Very Spooky.

We supply the gimmick and 18" silk, you supply the skeleton (or microphone stand)

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