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Shenanigan Spooks

The Shenanigan Die Box is one of my favorite die boxes because of its versatility. While most people will simply vanish the die, this one has the capability of changing the die into something else, in this case a small pumpkin or skull.

Not too many issues with this prop, as with most die boxes you must take care handling the die (angles). The transposition simply requires a flick of the wrist so there is not a whole lot to learn with the prop (which will allow you to concentrate on presentation). The props that appear in the video are individual candy holders that come in packages of 9 at Walmart (for your info, the pumpkin and skull will fit in a Stratosphere prop as well, and likewise the Stratosphere ball will fit in the Shenanigan Die Box ). There are several different routines you can do with the Shenanigan Die Box including ones where you never touch the die (which means you can do a surrounded die box), the prop is well built and I really like the way the gimmick works in this.

Below is the sales ad for the Shenanigan Die Box...

Here is a brand new idea! A Die Box with no shell to worry about ... you never need to touch it! Shenanigan Die Box may be performed surrounded! An entirely new principle is used. The Die Box effect has always been a sure-fire trick and now its better than ever with the new Shenanigan Die Box. No skill is required - its easy!

The magician may borrow or use his own hat (the hat is unprepared and is never secretly loaded as in some older methods). A handsome natural wood finish box with brass hardware fittings is shown all around. The top lid and the two front doors are opened. A white die with black spots is seen inside. (The spots are concave and three-dimensional, not just painted on.) There is no center divider in the box and more than one side of the die is visible. The die is removed and may be examined and it is then placed into the hat. The magician pretends to invisibly remove the die from the hat and tosses it towards the box. A distinct thud is heard as it arrives. The magician opens the doors of the box to reveal the die! Now for the sucker by-play. The performer pretends to cause the die to vanish. He opens only one of the front doors to show the box empty on that side. Closing this door he gives the box a sudden movement and something is heard to slide inside. Opening the other front door discloses that that side of the box is empty also. But wait ... the spectators can see the die inside the box. The performer quickly closes the door. The top lid and the two front doors are once again opened and the box is shown unmistakenly empty. The die is removed from the hat and once again may be examined.

This prop is versatile and you may choose to work out your own routine. The box is approximately seven inches by five inches by four and one-half inches tall. The die is two and three-quarters of an inch cubical. The workmanship is of the highest quality. You will marvel at the secret. Do not confuse Shenanigan Die Box with any other die box advertised. This is the creation of Bud West and we positively guarantee it to be easy, practical and fool-proof. Note: It is also available in a jumbo size with the size of the die being five inches cubical! Please specify.

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