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Haunted Schwocho Box

I believe the first recorded version of the ball going into a glass from inside a cabinet was Sefalagia in the 1930's or so. Since then there have been several different versions of this effect - Astro Ball, Pogo Ball, Ghost Box, etc. - but all have more or less relied on the same method. At least until 2010 when Dave Schwocho came out with his Haunted Schwocho Box. The Haunted Schwocho Box has several advantages over the earlier methods including the following.

-glass can be anywhere in the cabinet, it does not have to be in the same location.
-ball and glass can be examined before and after by spectators if need be.
-several glasses can be placed in the cabinet and the spectator can choose which one the ball should go into
-option to vanish the ball at the conclusion of the effect.

Lets look at some of the drawbacks. The Haunted Schwocho Box cannot be done surrounded. Practice is required to get familiar with the props, care must be taken so when the ball goes in the glass it does so quietly.

The positives are that it is fast, you do not have to lift the cabinet off the table as in some versions of sefalagia, reset is quick, and everything could be examined if you wanted to. Spectators can inspect ball and glass before and after the effect (I personally don't like handing things out but you could have the spectator come up and take the ball out of the glass which in a way is letting them examine it without it leaving your immediate area). Three glasses can be used and the ball will jump in and out of whichever one you like. Angles are good, except from the rear, but since the glass and ball open to the front there would be no reason for anyone to be in the rear.

One more thing that really goes along way, the trick is fun to perform so practice should not be an issue. Lots of opportunity here to work on your spooky patter as well.

Below is the sales ad for the Haunted Schwocho Box...

The only difference between this and a standard Schwocho Box is the mysterious red paint design.

One of the funnest effects to perform and witness is the new Schwocho Box. A new twist on the old jumping ball effects that brings this effect into the 21st century.

The ball jumps from glass to glass at will, a third glass can be added and the spectator can choose which glass the ball will jump into. No strings or threads attached to anything, in fact, nothing is attached to the ball, box, or glasses. Completely self contained and so easy (and fun) to perform.

As a finale, the ball vanishes and can reappear elsewhere if desired.

You'll love the Schwocho Box because

You can use your own glasses if you like
Absolutely no wires or threads
Nothing attached to the ball or glass, handle them freely
Ball can go back and forth as long as you like
Ball can go in and out of 3 glasses if you like
Ball vanish at end is optional and self contained
Resets in seconds after vanish

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