Abbotts Halloween Special


Pumpkin Mask Paper Tear

Last year I think we sold more of these at Halloween than any other effect and why not, with the price under a buck per tear and a pretty good looking mask at the end, its no wonder this was a hit with the audience. Pumpkin Mask Paper Tear is a very good bargain and will make a great hand out for your kids show at Halloween.

Couple minor issues, unlike many hat tears where the torn up pieces become an actual part of the hat, thats not so with this effect so there is a little cleanup at the end but its really nothing to worry about. Although the mask tears are pretty well made, they are, after all, just paper so be careful when putting it on your head or the head of a spectator that you take your time and be a little careful with it so that it doesn't tear. (I've torn 2 out of about a hundred so far and its just careless handling on my part, I have not found a defective mask yet). The mask looks so good that you are almost guaranteed to get asked to make another by some kid the first chance they get so be prepared with a good answer or carry alot of these around.

I think the mask looks great, better than anything I've seen on the market. Holes for the eyes allow even you to wear this and maybe perform a quick effect with the mask on (which gets you off the hook for making more for other kids if none of the kids get one). The effect can be performed anywhere or anytime and it really defines the term packs small but plays big.

Below is the sales ad for the Pumpkin Mask Paper Tear...

The magician shows two pieces of tissue paper colored orange and black. These are placed together and torn into several smaller pieces. The torn pieces are crumpled together, and when the crumpled ball is opened out, the torn pieces have magically transformed into a Pumpkin Mask which can be worn by the assisting spectator. We supply you 12 sets of the item, ready to work. An ideal effect to use for Halloween.

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