Abbotts Halloween Special


Psychokinetic Bolt with Case

If you are like me, the first time you saw Psychokinetic Bolt with Case advertised you probably cringed. However if you look past the main effect of unbolting a nut and bolt, you can really generate some original effects with this.

First however, you have to address and eliminate some of the issues with this prop

Number 1, this thing talks. You cannot perform this effect under normal closeup conditions, you need noise. In the demo below I intentionally did not add any music to hide the noise, rather I tried to talk over it. I wanted to be able to give people an idea of what they are up against, but I did not want to flagrantly expose the sound (which would have happened had I not spoken). However, this can be overcome at a party, with trick or treaters, or any place that has background music (and at Halloween, try to find some place that doesn't). The prop talking can probably be overcome with normal background noise at Halloween, however at a restaurant or almost any other closeup venue, it will not work, the prop is just too noisy (Its not like a jackhammer, but there is a definitive "humm" from this prop.

Ok, we can solve the talking problem with Halloween background music, but Problem #2, why the closeup case? What we did is we made a decoration out of the entire prop. A skeleton stands behind a table and the table top is the closeup table (Yes, we turned the closeup case into a closeup table). Now there is a reason for the case because it is a table. When doing this we did not drill holes (there are wires going through the bottom of the case so you would have to be careful). Instead we attached a 12" x 6" piece of plywood to the base, then used velcro to attach the case to the plywood. Since the plywood is smaller than the case, it is unseen for the most part. The plywood also provides more stability for the prop. At any time, you can remove the case from the table base and use it on a standard table (which is what we did for the demo because we wanted to show more of the prop).

Now we have a pretty cool looking Halloween decoration that holds our magic effects, from time to time we make our way and grab a deck of cards or something from the case, each time giving a glance to the inside of the case which can withstand cursory visual examination. But now we have Problem # 3, it is still kind of fishy that all the effects I do can be done away from the case/table, why go over to the case/table and do an effect; and the answer was it was not me who would do the effect, it would be the skeleton.

Halloween is a pretend time and talking to a skeleton makes perfect sense (ala Yorick). Ask the skeleton to perform an effect, step away from the table and watch the effect take place. You will hear applause for the skeleton and the effect. Now you have a magic skeleton in your show and a routine that does make sense.

Now that we have addressed the weaknesses of this effect, and yes, they are serious issues for any performer. Lets look at the good parts of this effect. It can be used for many other PK effects, for instance the card shooting out of a deck is just one example. Things can fly off this table, and you will have literally hours of fun playing with different effects and learning the capabilities of this prop (I know it sounds like a kid in a candy store but when you get the prop you will be amazed at what you receive for just a little over $100).

You do not have to be near the prop when the effect takes place. One of the reasons I turn the prop around to face the skeleton is that I am going to back away from the prop for an effect, and I don't want anyone lifting up the lid. Moving the opening side toward the skeleton completely eliminates this opportunity and also makes sense. If the skeleton is the performer, the opening of the case/table would be toward him. Now you can set up the effect and make your way into the audience and the skeleton will take over the show (also gives you a chance to make a little background noise should the captivated audience quiet down).

If you buy this effect with the idea you will be performing closeup with it, you will be disappointed. It will be fun to play with but will not be practical except as a carrying case. However, spice it up for Halloween with "Mr Skeleton" and you will have something special this Halloween.

Below is the sales ad for Psychokinetic Bolt with Case...

This is REAL Close-Up Magic!

Display a nut and bolt, have it examined by the audience. This is placed isolated on the close-up case, and the bolt visibly un-threads off the nut. The spectator can pick up the nut and bolt off the case, and examine them. The effect can be repeated as often as you like. You can even work it in reverse, having the bolt thread into the nut instead of threading out. This does not use any of the traditional methods - no strings, springs, rubber bands, wires or pulls. Although gimmicked, the nut and bolt will stand the most rigid scrutiny, as there is nothing attached to the nut or bolt.

We supply you an attractive close-up case (13" x 8" x 2.25"), with a velvet top which also serves as a close-up mat. You can carry your other close-up items in the case, and perform them on this case, followed by the miracle effect for the climax.

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