Abbotts Halloween Special


Production Chest

Production boxes in magic are quite plentiful, however most do not bring spooky atmosphere with them. Many are decorated with brightly colored stencils and such, but they just do not fit in well at a Halloween show. However one production box almost by its nature has to be a bit creepy, and that is the Tip Over Box.

Most tip over boxes are built to look somewhat primitive and innocent, a less is more type of thing. The one we think works best with small props is the Tip Over Chest which is available for only $90, a great buy for sure. The Tip Over Chest already has a creepy atmosphere to it, looking old and similar to something a pirate might have. Rather than taking one of your existing props and trying to make it look old and creepy, consider this prop.

Tip over effects can not be done surrounded, but the angles are pretty good on them. They also do not collapse for packing, what you see is what you get with this box. Other than that there are not many complaints about this box, it has stood the test of time and have been built in various sizes up to ones that will produce automobiles. The effect requires little skill so you can spend most of your time working on presentation. With a lock on the box, it can held by a spectator on stage with little fear he will detect anything wrong with it. What could be more convincing than that? How about showing the interior empty and putting a wand or hand inside to prove the absence of mirrors? If this were an ungimmicked box and you wanted to show it empty, there would not be too much difference between showing the ungimmicked box and the tip over box.

So if you wish to make a Halloween type production with a very decent size load chamber, you might want to consider this effect.

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