Abbotts Halloween Special


Perils of Time Travel

Here is a real nice set of props from the creative mind of Dave Schwocho spun around a time travel story. This is a deviation of what is described in the instructions just so you know, the props can do many magical things. The story line can have different endings as well, I have had a small skeleton appear in the matchbox rather than the penny, and also a fly using the storyline of the horror movie The Fly where a small fly's DNA gets mixed up with a humans or in this case a penny.

Couple issues, this is a closeup effect, it cannot be performed surrounded, and there is a little clean up work you have to do (although the props are self contained for the most part). No real sleights to worry about which is nice so you can concentrate on presentation. The box can double as a closeup mat if you like, although a little on the small side. The effect comes with everything shown including a deck of cards, matchbox, penny, rings, etc. This is a complete set so you won't have to add anything to it (except maybe a servante to your table). The effect does take practice to do smoothly but it certainly is not hard by any stretch of the imagination.

The effect is designed with a built in red herring to take magicians off the scent, so to speak. You might notice the rings look very similar to the rings you find in some magic kits which vanish a coin but in a different method than the this effect does.

The Perils of Time Travel is available through Abbott Magic and was invented by David Schwocho (who also invented the Schwocho Box and Schwocho Deck).

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