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Perfect Nail Bend

When items bend by themselves or from the will of a mentalist or magician, it conjures up visions of ghosts and poltergeist behind the scenes. The example that always comes to mind for me is the scene in Poltergeist where all the chairs stacked themselves. Telekinesis is spooky, whether it is done by a magician, an invisible ghost, or an alien. There have been many versions of telekinesis in spooky atmospheres, even before Sefalagia came out in the thirties, but I don't think any have ever been as close to real magic or spookiness as Perfect Nail Bend is. But with this perfection of magic comes a price and I am not talking a financial price. The effect is as advertised, the nail will bend either straight to bent or bent to crooked (you get 2 nails) and is a great value at $60, the trick is easy to do (in fact it is so easy you would have to be dead not to be able to do this trick), the weakness lies in one place, the setup and it is a big one. If you are thinking about performing this effect to trick or treaters or in a table hopping setting you may want to continue reading this post.

To set this up took me half an hour on one nail and over an hour on the other. Once set up, according to the instructions, I had 20 minutes to perform this effect. Setup requires items found in most households and businesses so in theory you could set this up at your place of work, in theory only...I do not think you can in a practical world.

This would work as a parlor effect in your home very well, or if you have an important "one shot" show to impress someone. I do not think that the setup time would allow you to repeat this without an assistant doing it for you if you were to do multiple shows. Even then, setup is at least a half hour, at least it was for me.

It wouldn't be so bad if once it was set it was set and you could do it anytime (I remember setting up Gene Andersons wonderful newspaper tear the day before and placing it in my case, ready to go 24 hours later), but in this case you have 20 minutes to perform it according to the instructions, and after spending so much time to set it up I saw no reason to doubt the instructions and see how long I could get away with.

Finaly, visually this is very slow and really not that great an illusion for the eyes. The effect is automatic but please check out the demo below, the times have not been altered so you will have a good idea just how long it takes for the perfect bend to occur.

I really can't say I like this effect, its fun to do but not worth the time in the setup. However if you can meet the setup requirements it might be worth while for you. No switching or anything like that, the effect simply works and will be a mystery to whoever you show it to. Whether they are entertained by it might be a different matter. Mentalist should find a use for this more so than magicians in my opinion, since the magic happens more at a mentalist pace.

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