Abbotts Halloween Special


No Way Spider Web

Effect:A large spider is screened on a cloth web. Six silks are seen dangling tight in the clutches of the spider. One by one the silks are removed and placed in a rolled newspaper. The newspaper is then unrolled and the silks have vanished. All silks reappear back in place in the grapple of the evil spider.

Comes complete with all silks you need and instructions to make a special newspaper gimmicked as a vanisher.

Review: The No Way Spider Web effect is not a popular effect at Abbott's. We do not sell very many of them. Perhaps its because of the price ($180), perhaps it is not marketed well (if you look at the picture that is supplied from the MFG, it actually exposes the effect. The default ad also says 5 silks when there are really 6), and finally perhaps it is the effect itself (this is a Halloween effect geared to kid shows). Who knows. We have played with two of these, both had to have minor modifications to work better. These modifications took about 5 minutes but when you pay this kind of money for something you expect it to be perfect. Abbott's does not manufacture these, they come from a wholesaler who gets them directly from a builder so they may not be in stock when you wish to order one. Finally it is not the easiest effect to do, it takes some practice to get down the workings and timing.

With all these caveats is this worth the money? Lets take a look at the good parts.

This is one of the most colorful props for Halloween I have ever seen. It is versatile, it resets in about a minute (two or three minutes depending if you use their release mechanism, we do not). It is visual magic, the magic happens right there with little to no cover. The vanish of the silks is a great opportunity for other props such as dove pans, change bags, silk caddy, etc. It comes with instructions for creating a newspaper vanish which we did not do. The instructions also include alternate routines such as Gospel and anti drug.

The silk screening on the canvas is on very good quality material, I can not imagine having any problem with the the basic part of the props. The silks have velcro attached to them so that they will be easily able to be removed and replaced back on the spider. The velcro is probably too high a quality for the silks and you have to be careful when pulling them off that you don't pull the silk from the velcro (if you do, its an easy fix with glue).

As I said earlier we had to make minor changes on a couple of them, not anything major but I believe you might want to have a staple gun nearby when this comes in just in case (some of the staples were not done well so we redid them). We did not like the way the release worked in the instruction manual so we simply did not use it.

Most of the practice with this device will be getting the timing down. I do not believe you can do this effect without a little misdirection in the form of a wave of a hand or flash of light. It is quick, but not that quick. The timing is easier than you might imagine because your hand will follow the path of the gimmick, so to speak, and it really looks impressive as if the silks just appear back on the spider. Once the silks appear back you can detach them and use them in other effects if you like. Doing this shows that there are no trap doors on the spider or gimmicks on the silks.

Best I can say is get familiar with this prop. Have a routine in mind and practice it. It gets good reactions from the audience when done right and that is always the main goal. If you have time to work with this (and the cash since it is not cheap), I do not think you will be disappointed in the response you get. If you want something to add to your act quickly and flawlessly, this is not the effect for you. The effect has issues, but they are not hard to overcome and perhaps this is the reason we do not sell many of them, people seem to go for the "plug and play" effects and this is not one of them.

If you have an Abbott's Mutilated Parasol, this is a natural partner for it at Halloween. Effect is very similar to a Bengal Net vanish so if you do the Bengal Net you already know what to expect. Ideal for kid shows at Halloween since it is spookly looking but not offensible.


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