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Neonistic Production

The Neonistic Silk Fountain is a very spooky trick to perform under any circumstances. This is because it is built into the optimum conditions of this effect - IE since the effect supplies its own lighting, it looks best when everything around it is dark. The Neonistic Silk Fountain can also be used to produce solid objects rather than silks as well since it has a pretty good size load chamber. A brief introduction to the conditions of the effect is sometimes used to accentuate the impossibility of what you are doing. In addition to the main lights there is another light in the back that blinks or flickers in front of a lightning bolt design. When viewed from the front, this lightning bolt will show up and eliminate any thought that anything is being concealed anywhere. This point is easy to overlook but I think it is important because 1) People are not that observant and 2) It gives you an excuse to turn the box around, thus showing it on all sides without bringing attention to it.

Last year we distributed Halloween candy from this device and it went over really good which is why we put it as a "Magic For Trick or Treaters" effect.

The pros of this effect is it is very unique and seldom performed (the term seldom performed seems to apply more to items which do not pack flat or don't travel well). It is colorful and bright, and technically nearly angle proof. The illusion is really perfect and a thing of beauty. Setup time is very fast for this effect and it travels well loaded (You can load it at your home and use it for the next day's show so all you would have to do is set it on a table and plug it in). The effect is so unique that people will remember it after the show. This effect shows up very well on stage.

The cons are that it does not pack flat and light bulbs can break which makes this fragile. It requires 110 volts which might be difficult where you are at so have an extension cord handy for emergencies.

The sales ad for The Neonistic Silk Fountain is below...

A sensational effect, a light bulb illuminates the inside of a box, behind the box is a blinking light, you can see the blinking light from the front of the box showing that you have a clear line of sight from front to back. The magician reaches into the the light and produces yards and yards of silks. An incredible effect and big enough for a stage.

This Effect has ATMOSPHERE

This is the first of the "Retro Abbott" project which is creating collectible magic that has long since been discontinued. This effect was discontinued due to a hard time finding the proper fluorescent bulbs, but now you can buy the bulbs at any hardware shop.

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