Abbotts Halloween Special


Needle thru Arm

This fits all the qualifications for a Trick or Treater effect except one...It is too gruesome for kids! The Needle Thru Arm is really that convincing and in my opinion is too much for kids, but I know there are points of view that disagree with me on this so it will just be an "in my opinion" type of thing.

Lets look at some of the issues of this effect. It is gruesome and anything that has to do with sticking needles in arms is not going to go over too well with certain audiences. The effect requires "special preparation" that may make it difficult to do other effects before it. The "blood" can be messy and so can the preparation. In short, the audience and preparatory conditions need to be right for this effect.

The positives are that it is one of the most visual penetrations on the market, you "clean up" by cleaning up so you are clean at the end, and the effect is reasonably priced in the $30 range. This is a perfect side show effect and/or geek magic. I have seen it at bars and night clubs and it always seems to go over good. If you can get over the preparation drawbacks this might be a good illusion for your act anytime of the year.

I try to use a small amount of blood, primarily as lubricant for the needle, but thats a personal preference. In the demo I do not "restore the wound" but that is a definite option and only requires some alcohol and a towel. Also works with other themes such as "painless surgery" or "hypnotic suggestion".

Below is the sales ad for Needle Thru Arm...

COMPLETE Professional Outfit

Finest Needle on the market, with 8 oz. Bottle of Blood and 4 oz. Jar of Cement

Clean your forearm with a strile towel and all the lines and jokes that go with this. Push the Needle completely through your forearm flesh. Move the needle up and down even back and forth, you don't feel pain. NO harm done you say! Blood slowly begins to flow from your forearm , then becomes a heavy flow (if desired). Remove the needle from your arm, and wipe away the blood. SHOCK and AWE Magic!

Your arm is Unharmed - ALMOST REAL MAGIC!
8 Ounce Plastic Bottle of Blood
10 Inch Stainless Steel Needle
4 ounce Elmers Rubber Cement Glue
Fiber-Board Packaging Tube
Machine Attached Rubber Bulb

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