Abbotts Halloween Special


Mr Bones

This is by no stretch of the imagination a high quality prop, but I have spent time trying to do a zombie skull effect with different skulls and anything I tried was not as good as this. Its a cheap plastic skull with a little paint on it, and I have much better skulls but none show up as well as this or are as light weight as this. I know there are more expensive floating skulls out there, ones that the jaws move on and eyes light up, but they are metallic in color. I related them more with a "Terminator" skull than a human one. Also if I drop Mr Bones there is not much to repair and I could buy another for about $15-$20, if I drop an expensive $500 skull I would need to be repaired!

Anyhow, last Halloween I took Mr. Bones out for a test run and he surprisingly delivered. Obviously the kids knew he was a cheap plastic skull and they had seen these skulls at least a dozen times that night at different homes, but this one was floating. The biggest weak point on this prop was now its strength, these kids knew you could buy these at Walmart for a buck, but that made this skull a common ordinary object, at least for this one night, and the prop delivered. If you were to perform this any other time of the year or any other venue I think you would get laughed out because the skull looks so cheap, but on Halloween, its a familiar decoration that is floating.

So lets look at the issues, pretty much a cheap prop that will need work from you to make it a little more sturdy. Mine has a crack where the gimmick goes, it came that way! Not much sense sending it back, the shipping would cost more than the prop. Just ad a little good quality glue in some key locations and you will be fine.

The good news is that it is perfect for treaters. It shows up well, it is light, and by chance you do damage it you are not out a whole lot of money, just run down to Walmart the next day and pick up a couple more at half price the day after Halloween.

These usually show up on Ebay around Halloween, but like anything bought from people you don't know, Caveat Emptor, let the buyer beware. Mr Bones comes with a cloth (which can be seen in the video). The cloth is gimmicked ala a devil's hank if you want to vanish or produce Mr Bones (not practical in my opinion).

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