Abbotts Halloween Special



Here is an effect with the spookiness built right in, Legend is strictly closeup but very interactive. The spectator can actually put their finger on the card and it will work and the gimmick is surprisingly reliable even though you have to build it.

The effect doesn't really have any bad angles, there are a couple things you don't show but you wouldn't normally show these things anyhow so yes, its safe to say this effect is angle proof. The reset is instant and you can do it in front of the audience with a little practice. The effect comes with spooky patter including a cheat sheet with the complete story of Pancho on it, although it is pretty basic and you shouldn't have any problem with Pancho's tragic story. The instructions are very good, but in this case they have to be since the main drawback on this effect is you have to make it.

The instructions go through everything including how to make the gimmick. The DVD comes with the materials but you will have to provide the tools, simple household tools so you shouldn't have a problem with that. To build the gimmick will take you about an hour the first time. The gimmick can be used for a very long time without being replaced which means it will probably take you an hour to build the second one since there will be quite a time gap between the first and second.

The method is very unique and the effect is very unique, strictly closeup though, but this could work well for table hopping.

Couple issues, making the gimmick is a pain is the main issue, also once the deck is set you cannot let it out of your hands. The deck cannot be handed out for examination.

Below is the sales ad for Legend...

Speak his name 3 times aloud and he will appear. This is the legend of Pancho Diablo.

Steve Fearson's newest animation effect is woven around a ghost story presentation that will leave your audience wondering if they may have been witness to something more than just a magic trick.

This effect uses a deck of cards, which becomes posessed by the spirit of a legendary Mexican gambler named Pancho Diablo. The deck moves across the table, crawling out from under the hand of the spectator.

It then levitates UP while the spectator presses down on it. They can see clear through underneath the deck while it rises and can see no visible means of support as the deck pushes up and out of it's cellophane wrapper.

It feels as if the deck is being pushed up by an invisible force, as if you have captured a spirit inside the fragile cellophane. And this spirit pushes HARD!

There are virtually no angle or lighting restrictions and it is entirely self contained. The magic actually happens IN THEIR HANDS. They don't just see the magic... they FEEL it.

The cards can be removed from the pack and used for other effects, they are ordinary.

The DVD shows you how to easily make this diabolical prop out of common and inexpensive items, using any deck of playing cards. We've even included a few component materials so you can get started right away!

You won't believe how it works. It uses no threads, wires, magnets, electronics or any of the traditional methods. It is a self-contained, entirely unique creation from the master of levitations, Steve Fearson. The method is unlike anything else on the market.

The effect alone is devastating, and the story by itself is intriguing. The two combined result in a true performance piece that you will be proud to present, and your audiences will remember forever. They will believe they've seen real magic.

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