Abbotts Halloween Special


Jet Set Backdrop

The Jet Set Backdrop has been around for decades and the one we are describing here is the Abbott version (A few decades ago an aluminum knock off was made called Jet Set and I was one of the unfortunate ones to pick one up). The Abbott version is made of chrome plated steel and will not bend under normal conditions.

The Jet Set comes in two different sizes, a 6' and an 8' version. Both can be extended beyond the advertised distance but you lose stability when you do this. The Jet Set is primarily an indoor backdrop for one big reason - Wind. Keep it indoors and balanced (IE Don't have drapes on one side and not the other) and you should get a lifetime of service out of the prop.

The Jet Set does not come with drapes or curtains, those can be purchased separately at Abbott's, you could make them at home, or buy them at any department store.

The Abbott drapes are specially designed to go over the entire prop the same way a card case overs a deck of cards. The advantage of the Abbott drapes are speed in setup and it completely hides the center pole. The Abbott drape is more of a cover and you do not get the "hanging drape" effect. The Abbott drapes can have one color on one side and another color on another side, but other than that you are limited in your versatility with them.

To make curtains at home, the following instructions are included with the Jet Set - "Sew them like you would a pillow case, in this way, the whole curtain can be slipped over the cross bar at one time. Once side can be made of red material and the other side can be made of some other color. thus, you can have a different color drop by turning the Jet Set around."

If you buy your drapes at a department store almost any hanging drape will work, the advantage here is you can use multiple colors in the jet set and alternate the colors for special occasions (black and orange at Halloween, red and green at Christmas, Purple and Green at Easter). Since the drapes hang down on each side you may occasionally flash the center pole unless you overlap the drapes slightly. Also these drapes take longer to set up than the fitted ones by Abbott's, however they do give you the most versatility

This is a very good seller for Abbott's because it is economically priced, very lightweight, very durable, and sets up very quickly. The prop comes with written instructions that give many ideas and suggestions for how to use the Jet Set for more than just a back drop, for instance there are ways you can do hide production loads with it or use several to create an entire stage. The Jet Set I am using was bought 5 years ago yet looks like new.

When hanging items other than drapes from the backdrop you want to keep them lightweight or if that is not possible, balanced. If you hang a small Christmas tree in the front, hang one in the back to balance the weight. You will find the unit much more stable when everything is balanced on it.

The instructions also mention that the stand was made to compensate for an uneven floor by doing the following - "Simply loosen the screw bolt and hold the cross bar in position and turn the lower pipe so the legs are in a different position and then re-tighten the screw bolt. you may have to do this a couple of times to get the results you want."


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