Abbotts Halloween Special


In Lizzys Hand

How about a hand out for the grown ups? I mean kids get a hat tear, but what would be cool to give to adults at a spooky Halloween magic show? How about a letter from Lizzy Borden that bleeds, and that is just what you get with In Lizzy's Hand.

A great parlor effect and a great seance effect. You can also do this for a larger audience although I think the more intimate the audience the better the effect will go over. Done right, this is very creepy. Best of all there are several ways of doing this, one way is the way demo'd below (which is sort of the default patter modified a bit), but another way is to not let anyone know about the bloody hand print and hand the letter out as a souvenir. when the person looks at it, they will see the blood for the first time and this may elicit a strong emotion from the souvenir getter.

In Lizzy's Hand requires preparation, though its not as bad as you might think - couple minutes tops. The effect cannot be repeated for the simple fact that there is only one letter from Lizzy so how could you repeat it. However it could be repeated with very minimal setup time for a different audience. Angles are good, nothing really to hide as you can show your hands freely and without any hint of red paint or the like.

I use this one behind the bar and always have good luck with it, and everyone wants the letter, I don't know if its a genuine interest in Lizzy Borden, the blood stain, or what. The instructions come with historical information on Lizzy and its worth reading because afterwards people will talk about Lizzy Borden, they have been for over a hundred years now.

Below is the sales ad for In Lizzy's Hand...

Lizzie Borden took an axe,and gave her mother forty whacks.When she saw what she had done,she gave her father forty-one.A Bizarre Magick Effect by Larry White and Bruce Kalver

The performer explains that at a recent auction he purchased an old trunk, full of miscellaneous items. While rummaging through the dusty box he found a very interesting letter inside. Apparently, it turned out to be a handwritten letter by Lizzie Borden. The performer then reads the letter to the audience explaining that whenever he does, he gets the strange feeling that Lizzie`s presence is looking over his shoulder. The letter explains her side of the infamous story about her and her parents, and as he recites the letter, the performer apparently becomes "possessed" by Lizzie and becomes angrier and angrier. As he reads the last line of the letter, "I just want to be left alone. Maybe the truth will come out but for now I wash my hands of the whole thing," the performer slaps his clean hand onto the letter and when he lifts his palm (which by the way, is still clean) the letter is covered by a huge blood-stained handprint!This is just plain spooky! Comes with Everything Necessary, Special Paper, Solution and Thorough Instructions With All the Performing and Background Details.

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