Abbotts Halloween Special


Horizontal Card Rise

This effect has always had a spooky tone to it, add the skull and it really reinforces that aspect of it. The Horizontal Card Rise can still be found used and online, I bought mine about 20 years or so ago from Collectors Workshop and it still works great. I bought a second used because I enjoy the effect so much.

Lets start with some of the issues. The Horizontal Card Frame has parts that are made of glass, so the first thing that comes to mind is transportation of fragile equipment. One bump of the table and you are out a hundred plus dollar prop and that is really scary. Also it does not pack flat or any less than what you see. In fact, you cannot transport the smaller glass inside the glass dome because it will slide around and may get damaged. Your best bet is going to be a box with some newspaper in it for padding. The effect cannot be performed surrounded and the way I do it you may run into some angle issues if you are not careful.

The positives are that it is so different and actually adds a touch of elegance to any performers table. The effect is visual and a puzzler, a rare combination of traits. The effect is very easy to do, and there are several ways to do it. The effect is relatively easy to do, probably the hardest thing to get over when doing this effect is the fear of dropping the prop.

The idea of Death doing this effect stem from the idea that magicians are mere mortals and most of the card rise effects done by magicians are the card rising vertically. To make a care rise horizontally through other cards (especially when encased with a glass dome) would require something supernatural, thus enter death, something everyone fears to some degree and something definitely well represented by a skull.

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