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Gypsy Whisper

If you have a favorite revelation, card selection, or mind reading effect but feel it just doesn't fit the Halloween motif, this effect may be of interest to you. Gypsy Whisper is a prop that allows you to reveal a prediction or selection in a very spooky manner. A picture or photograph of a Gypsy staring into a black crystal ball slowly, and visually (without cover), reveals the selected item in the crystal ball.

While the Gypsy Gypsy Whisper is a good way of making a revelation, you still have to do the dirty work (what I mean is you still have to come up with an effect to use the prop for) to get into position to use the effect. Gypsy Whisper will not help you perform whatever effect you choose to do with it, it is simply a good way to add a little spookiness to an existing effect. A good analogy would be a closer in baseball, you still have to be in a position to win the game when the closer comes in.

Absolutely positively cannot be done surrounded, it is a 180 degree front effect period. The photograph cannot be examined (but that should not be an issue). Reset is more dependent on which effect you use with Gypsy Whisper than anything else because Gypsy Whisper will reset in about a second.

The prop comes ready to work and includes material so you can customize it to fit your own particular revelation.

Below is the sales ad for Gypsy Whisper...


Pieras Fitikides has invented some very unusual effects and marvels for the Magic community. This is his latest and it is a real winner....... The Gypsy's Whisper.

A brand new effect using a clever principle in a very unusual way. The uses for this apparatus are mind-boggling.

Just one of the effects possible: The performer removes an old laminated photo of a mysterious Gypsy from an envelope; she is gazing into a solid black scrying ball. The performer states that some cultures believe that if their photo is taken the possessor of the photo also possesses their soul. Such is the case with our Gypsy fortune-teller.

A playing card is selected by a spectator without the performer knowing its value. The Gypsy is asked to reveal the selected card. Slowly gazing into the black abyss of the scrying ball a faint speck appears; slowly the image becomes clearer and finally it is seen that the name of the selected card is revealed in the center of the crystal ball! Just as mysteriously, the image fades into blackness.

Another spectator is asked to select a card and the Gypsy again is asked to reveal its identity. Again, slowly another image appears, the image of the second selected card! This also fades to black at the command of the performer.

Anything, and I mean anything can be predicted by the Gypsy; a word, line drawing, number, playing card, serial number, you name it. The effects are only limited by your imagination.

The laminated photo comes complete with detailed instructions and everything you need to make multiple predictions. Card measures 8.5" x 6" and is less than 1/16" thick. The Gypsy's Whisper should give you years of performing service as there is nothing to wear out, no batteries, magnets, etc. Self contained. There is nothing on the mental market to compare to this unique effect. Highly recommended by the staff at The Merchant of Magic. This simply looks like an old laminated photo.


Is this easy to perform?

Yes! The special photograph included does all the hard work , so you can focus on your presentation and enjoy the audiences reaction! Within the pack you will recieve a detailed, photo illustrated book taking you step by step through everything you need to get the most from this versitile device.

You will recieve Presentation tips and ideas, special guides for single and double revelations, and much much more!

Can ANYTHING be predicted?

Yes! You are just limited by your imagination! use it with your booktests, card predictions. Why not use it with a pack of Tarot cards for a multi-phase fortune telling routine!

What about the reset?

Super fast! It allows an instant set up and once your familiar with the method, you could, for example, have two spectators select a card. Then turn to the first spectator and have the photo reveal the card, then turn around to the second spectator and the photo will transform to show their prediction!

Is this suitable for working magicians?

Yes! It's great for table-magic as it is instantly set up; and its a great piece for the trade-show performer as well.

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