Abbotts Halloween Special


Ghost Vision

Ghost Vision is a blast to performer, pick up someones cell phone camera and you are off.

Couple of drawbacks, different style cellphones work differently with the gimmick so you should really only use this on cell phones you are familiar with, you have to be careful not to flash the gimmick by being too casual, don't show the ghost to appear on the video long (I do it here to give you an idea of the effect so that you are not constantly rewinding a couple second video), The initial setup time is a little long, but once set up you should be ready to go quickly for quite sometime.

Below is the sales ad for Ghost Vision...

Andrew Mayne, creator of Gut Buster and ghostbills, presents a 21st century paranormal effect. Using an unprepared borrowed camera phone the magician reveals spectral images of ghosts and premonitions from beyond.

Your spectators watch the display as a dark silhouette crosses the room in real time. A thought of word, image or card appears in a photograph of a spectator?s hand. A haunted face appears in the shadows.

Ghost Vision is a spine-tingling effect that allows you to use a borrowed portable electronics device to create a digital sťance that can be saved as photo or movie. It?s easy to perform and works with most camera phones.

24 minute widescreen DVD including an extra bonus effect: The Haunted Keys

Comes with everything needed to perform (cell phone not included).

Running Time Approximately 24min

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