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Ghost Tag

Everyone who has received a Ghost Tag has loved the effect and the gimmick. Its a pretty good deal for around $50. Lets look at some of the issues. Ghost Tag cannot be performed surrounded. It is strictly a closeup effect and being close you have to be careful or the prop can talk. Another potential problem is that if the effect is pressed on, its possible to "jam" the mechanism and the prop has to be taken apart and reset. This is not hard to do but it does take a few minutes in private to do so be careful transporting this prop and always make sure the prop is working properly before using it. Sometimes just being in a pocket and brushing up against someone is enough to jam the mechanism. This is really not a big deal, but you need to be aware of it so that it can be avoided. This is addressed in the DVD.

The good points are that the effect is very strong and can even be handed out for inspection (if that's something you like to do). It is fun to do and play with so practicing is not going to be hard (it does require practice). I also love the way it cleans up at the end, very clever. The DVD is very complete and thorough in its explanation. Abbotts has sold a lot of these and everyone has been happy with it so I think you will be happy with this one.

The DVD also shows you how to change a couple things in the picture so you can be very creative with this one. Just remember to practice this, its not hard but there are a couple things that can go wrong if you are not experienced with it.

Below is the sales ad for Ghost Tag...

Imagine a spooky card revelation INSIDE a SEALED photo key-tag! Peter Eggink's brand new effect is the best selling effect of 2009! Can be examined and carried with you at all times!

Effect: A spectator freely selects a card from a shuffled deck and is asked to memorize it. Then the magician explains that he actually learned how to perform magic from his grandfather. The magician pulls out his keys and points out to the photo frame key-tag with grandfather's photo sealed inside. On that specific photo, grand-pa carries a playing card FACE-DOWN in his jacket pocket. The magician continues and explains that sometimes he still can communicate with his grandfather through magic. VISUALLY and MAGICALLY the FACE-DOWN card in the photo is now turned FACE-UP only to reveal the 4 of spades -the spectator's selection!!! Right after the revelation of the card in the photo, the key-tag may be handed out for examination! NO funny moves or whatsoever! "Ghost Tag" is an unique effect and will fool not only lay people, but magicians alike. Simply chain "Ghost Tag" on your keys and you're ALWAYS ready to freak them out! "Ghost Tag" comes complete with custom handmade key-tag and everything else you'll need to perform this stunning effect. It even comes with different images to customize the key-tag to your own preferences! The full training DVD will guide you step by step on how to perform and customize your "Ghost Tag" You'll LOVE the clever concept!

Resets in seconds!
More outcomes possible!
No switches!
Key-tag can be handed out for examination!
DVD and special hand crafted Key-tag

What people say:

"This is one purchase I will NEVER regret!" - Judah Vee (The Magic Café)

"Ghost Tag is the coolest thing I've ever seen. It is so practical and mind blowing. Another great product!" - Aaron Smith (The Magic Café)

"The gimmick is killer and to magicians, it's more exciting than the trick itself!" - Wayne Kawamoto (, Magic & Illusion)

"Ghost Tag is unquestionably the best Peter Eggink product I have encountered to date!" - Brad Henderson (MAGIC Magazine)

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