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Genie Flying Carpet

The Genie Flying Carpet has been around a long time and is one of the easier levitations to learn.

Couple issues come right up with the Genie Flying Carpet. It cannot be performed surrounded, you have to watch your angles, the prop does not transport easily and when broken down is not the quickest thing to put together. You need cover to set it up so I don't think you will be performing this in a living room unless you have a jet set or something that will cover it while you set it up.

Another issue with this prop is the rotation at the end. One performer told me he does not do this part, too much that can go wrong. I have been doing this effect for a long long time and I really believe the rotation makes the effect. It takes an additional minute or two to set up for it, and it requires a bit of a knack (I suggest using a TT with the gimmick so your hands can always be shown free), but I think it is worth this effort.

As levitations go, the Genie Flying Carpet is very modestly priced around 5 or 6 hundred and because it has been around so long you can often find them much cheaper at a magic flea market or auction.

I have used a hoop with this effect but I think the swords are more natural to use to show that there are no connections or wires.

If it can float a person, it can float a skeleton. An easy way to spookify any levitation is to levitate a skeleton. Let's look at one of the most popular levitations, Genie Flying Carpet using the skeleton principle.

The skeleton can already be on the flying carpet, ready to go which is a time saver. Also the skeleton won't freak out or jump off when the carpet begins to rotate. Finally, the skeleton just plain looks bizarre when it is spinning around, an image your audience will remember. If you have a talking through Boris skull, use that and have the skeleton talking as he is spinning around.

Below is the sales ad for Genie Flying Carpet...

The carpet & the spectator revolve in mid-air at the same time! THE SPECTATORS SEE ALL SIDES! A small platform on casters is rolled to any spot on the floor desired. Resting on the platform is a beautifully decorated two-fold screen.It supports a platform with gold fringe representing a carpet. The carpet seat is tufted and padded for comfort, and it shows up well at a distance. A person weighing up to 110 pounds sits cross-legged on the 'carpet'. Then two chrome-like swords are placed on the bottom platform and secured to the underside of the carpet to further support it. You move the Screen off the Platform onto the floor away from the floor! THE SPECTATOR IS SUSPENDED IN MID-AIR! Now the 2 Swords are removed & waved under the carpet! The Spectator is on a 'Flying Carpet' ! NOW the KICKER Wave your hand toward the carpet and it revolves! A 'Revolving Flying Carpet' Pass a hoop over the spectator & the carpet! All 4 sides are clearly seen. To be performed with a 125 pound limit. Packs flat easy transport and shipping. Supplied complete, hoop not included.

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