Abbotts Halloween Special


Full Light Seance

I do not think any effect represents Halloween Magic better than this effect. It has many names, Daylight Seance Cloth, Full Light Spirit Seance, Seance Cloth...but no matter how you say it, this effect has stood the test of time.

In today's world, this should be used very sparing, either as a quick interlude or to enhance an existing effect. One of the coolest things I have seen done with one of these is simply hold it in front of a candle and when removed the candle is lit. Spooky and clever, and before the audience has a chance to figure out how the magician just did this, you are already into the effect with the candle.

The effect has some baggage...It cannot be done surrounded, it has been overdone in the past, and it is very well known from comedy exposure. However used sparingly it still can give a quick "knock out punch" to an audience and really enhance an effect. Since many Halloween effects move at a slower pace due to spooky patter, this is a perfect addition to spice up a Halloween show.

One word of caution...I only saw this once and it was truly a funny scene (unfortunately it was at the expense of a very good magician) but it does show that you have to practice this effect. - Do Not Mistake Your Right Hand For Your Left! With video camera's on every phone and probably at every show, it will be something you will never live down if you get your hands mixed up while doing this effect.

Below is the ad for Abbott's Full Light Seance (I think I refer to it as Daylight Seance in the video)...

A one-man spiritualistic feature that is suitable for parlor, club or stage. Unprepared articles such as a bell, tambourine, slates, etc. are examined and placed on an ordinary table. After showing both sides of a cloth square, the performer holds the cloth with both hands so as to momentarily hide the articles on the table. Immediately the bell is heard to ring, the tambourine plays and rattles, a message appears on the slates, objects fly over the top edge of the cloth and many other spooky manifestations occur. Both sides of the cloth may be shown at any time and the articles may be examined at any time during the seance. Performer?s hands, holding the cloth, may be seen at all times.

This baffling spirit seance is easily performed in any fully lighted room and without the aid of assistants.

We supply the best quality apparatus obtainable for this effect. Complete with cloth, gimmick, instructions, bell and tambourine.

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