Abbotts Halloween Special


Forgetful Frankie

There are a plethora of Forgetfuls on the market, a Clown, a Snowman, Rudolph, and of course the original Freddie, the freckled face boy. Of these the highest price and hardest to find is the Forgetful Frankie. Halloween sells, make no mistake about it.

The prop is designed very well and very colorful. When I saw it for the first time I bought it as a halloween decoration because it was that good looking. The Frankenstein monster is very recognizable, yet not in a scary way so this can really be performed children of all ages. I personally would stick with preschool to first grade, but thats just my opinion.

The effect cannot be performed surrounded, reset time is quick but will require another balloon. perfect for a living room show. The prop does not break down but is not a big space taker upper to begin with. You might have to play a bit with the prop to get it to be infallible, nothing major but spending a little time with a can of WD40 and a file on this effect can really increase its reliability. At nearly $200 it may be a little pricey for what it does (but you do get some additional visual and sound effects - a neck cracker and a Funkenring to be exact), but it can pay you back in other ways as described in the next paragraph.

Where this effect soars is being on display during your show, it is a great decoration and the kids will wonder about the "mysterious" monster waiting in the wings. Do not keep this guy in your table, you'll want him on a table as much as possible because quite frankly there is not another effect for Halloween that looks this good (with the possible exception of chopper effects, but if you are performing for very young children you would not want a chopper effect in the act anyhow).

The sales ad for Forgetful Frankie is below...

You show a 17" Forgetful Frankie. You explain that Frankie is a very level-headed individual who is actually sewn together from many individuals. You explain to the kids that he's very forgetful. In fact he would forget his own head if it wasn't bolted on! To demonstrate, you unbolt his head from his body. The first bolt makes a loud cranking noise, so does the second, but then ouch! there's a huge shower of sparks! The kids will scream. Place Frankie's head in his blankie. Sure enough, his head vanishes only to be replaced by a small balloon. Blow up the balloon, draw a face, and place it where his head was. Have the kids make noises like thunder and lightning. Suddenly, the balloon pops showing that Frankie's head is back where it belongs!

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