Abbotts Halloween Special


Floating Mask

I had always thought that it would be so cool to be able to float a kids Halloween mask on demand. It seemed everywhere I went at Halloween, a kid was leaving his mask here or dropping his mask there, didn't matter if it was a School function or a Halloween party in general, there are always mask's being left around. Wouldn't it be great to pick one up and make it levitate?

Losander came out with his Floating Cap a couple years back and I immediately recognized its potential with a Halloween mask, however when I tried it our I found that only about half of the masks would work with it, mostly due to leverage issue. Rubber masks I did not even try, I wanted the ones with have a face and an elastic band in the back to work.

Experimenting is the key here, and I found that I could increase the success rate with the masks by adding a little magicians wax to the end of the gimmick that would help stabilize the mask. The stickier the substance the better the effect, however when you returned the mask to the kid you had to make sure none of the sticky stuff stuck to the mask.

So after a couple years playing with this effect I simply narrowed down the mask's that work well and keep them with me. I found that it really doesn't matter if you borrow the mask, it only matters to the one person you borrowed it from. As luck would have it, I seem to have a much better success rate with the higher end masks than the real cheap ones.

Like many floating effects there are angles to contend with, practice a few times in front of a mirror and learn your limitations.

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