Abbotts Halloween Special


Floating Lightbulb

If you purchase the stage effect, Floating Lightbulb, you'll find a no assistant version of the light that will work for Trick or Treaters and look pretty good. You sacrifice the stability of the effect doing it this way, but you are not "tethered" to anything and can still pass a linking ring over the bulb. A lightbulb floating on Halloween for Trick or Treaters is about the coolest thing you can do.

Couple issues, the Floating Lightbulb is not cheap so you want to stay in doors, an October wind will ruin the effect, wobble the light, and may even break the prop. As mentioned above, you sacrifice stability for mobility so keep a little distance and possibly some flickering candles (obey all safety with lit flames, there are electric candles out there that will work) to try and offset this. The candle flickering creates a mini strobe effect and limits the wobbling to the naked eye somewhat (In my demo the camera did not react well to flickering lights so I did it with full lighting) Keep this short and quick, even simply floating the bulb up and down once will look good as long as it is stable, the more you do, the more chance of "unstable" the light becomes (unstable = wobble).

Finally, there is only one way on earth that this light can float so I try to pass the hoop over the light to eliminate this possibility in their minds. You will only have their attention for a few seconds before they zero in on the next house for candy so don't try anything long. A few seconds go a long way with this effect.

The positives are that there is nothing more eerie than a light bulb that is self lighting and floating. You will not need to draw attention to yourself, they will see you. And this effect provides its own illumination at Halloween. As mentioned above, you sacrifice stability for mobility so you can walk around and move around, the bulb will follow you.

Below is the sales ad for the Floating Lightbulb...

A standard 100-watt electric light bulb is taken from the footlights, a reading lamp, or the like, and, strange as it seems - it remains lighted! The performer makes a few mysterious passes and the bulb hangs suspended in mid-air-still lighted!

The bulb then floats about the stage, circles the performer's body, sails high overhead or close to the floor - even out into the audience! To disprove the possibility of any secret support, a solid hoop may be passed over the floating bulb in various directions. Finally, the bulb floats toward the performer's hand where it comes to rest. The bulb is returned to its original location and the light is turned off. NOTE: This outfit comes complete with bulb and accessories plus a copy of Miracle Floating Light Effects. This effect is a reputation-maker!

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