Abbotts Halloween Special


Floating Death Head

One of the easiest effects ever made and also one of the least expensive is the Floating Death Head. I would have to say this is more of a curiosity effect than anything else. It works best with a spooky tale attached to it (spin a tale of playing poker with death and when you won death lost its head and on that particular hour, no one died in the world). For what you get for $3 its a pretty good value (although shipping makes this closer to $10 so its best to pick up at Abbott's next visit or order along with something else).

The one that I own came in last year at Halloween and I have not had any problems with it and it has been used a lot. The product seems pretty durable!

Where this product really comes in handy is just carrying it around with you at Halloween. You can put it in a breast pocket and perform it anytime over and over, spinning the tale of your poker game with death.

The effect on its own is probably not going to fool many people, although they may not know exactly how it works, they will know there are several ways of making it work. However if you use it as a prop in a scary tale it really works well. Don't say anything about a magic trick, just tell how there was one moment in the history of the earth when no one died, and you think you know why. From there fill in the patter around the poker game with Death and use the card to enhance the tale, don't use the tale to enhance the card!

Remember death is scary, speaking of death is scary, people will respond to a tale of death and will naturally fear it. It is built into all of us.

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