Abbotts Halloween Special


Flaming Head Chest

A great prop but nearly impractical to perform because of the angles. You have to be very careful and still, depending on the size of your crowd, you will still have angle issues. The torch can be a fire issue in todays world and this effect certainly cannot be done surrounded (When I used it I got rid of the torch and pushed a magicians wand through the chest).

The routine calls for the magician to pull out of the chest a head of cabbage that you claim is the person's head, I need not tell you that you could rather pull out one of those plastic skull for a Halloween show.

The prop is one of the most colorful and well built props in magic, you will enjoy this effect and so will your audience. Even with the angles there are ways to work around them. I would suggest using your own assistant rather than a spectator or you take the chance of hearing the dreaded "Its getting hot in here" from some kid you picked from the audience.

If you are interested in this prop I would suggest visiting the Magic Cafe Forum and reading the post by Peter Loughran on how he presents this effect. Peters modifications made this effect even better in my opinion, it allows you to show the inside while the torch is in it. Peter also has an idea to help on those bad angles (the term bad angles may not even be correct on this effect, the angles I am talking about primarily are when people look through the cabinet to the back and see the magician waving a hand or something).

No matter what method of presentation you use, this effect cannot be done surrounded. Its a little bulky to carry around and some parts of it are fragile so you cannot be too rough with it.

Work out a routine with this and you will have a very strong effect. The illusion can be down right spectacular, and working the unit with another person is fairly easy, the main issue is the angles you really have to be careful.

Below is the sales ad for Flaming Head Chest...

Next Generation Mak Magic Manufacturing! Quality on Top of Quality! The Chest is placed over a spectator's head and held in place on their shoulders. A long flaming brass torch is pushed thru the cabinet, apparently right through their head! The front, back & top door are opened, their head has VANISHED! The audience can see clear through the cabinet EVEN to the background behind you. Wave your hand behind the chest, they see your hand. Where did the spectator's head go?

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