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Director's Cut HORROR

If you do either closeup work or card magic and want to add a little (or a lot) of Halloween to your routine, might we suggest the Directors Cut Horror edition. The effect comes with ungimmicked cards but the cards are not playing cards or suits, they are horror movies, and all the good ones are here. Frankenstein, Dracula, Wolfman, Mummy, Psycho, Exorcist, The Ring, The Lost Boys, The Fly, Freddie, Jason, Leatherface...they are all here in this wonderful package called Directors Cut Horror. These cards are beautiful and easy to handle. They are slightly smaller than playing cards, and to eliminate any suspicion of gimmicks or markings, the backs are completely blank. Almost any effect that you do with playing cards can be duplicate with these cards which make up what has to be the most fascinating Halloween cards ever made.

Have someone select a card, read their minds and tell them the movie they have in their hands is "The Village of the Damned". Or how about a slow revelation..."I see a doll, a male doll, the doll says he will be your friend to the end, the doll has a name, it calls itself Chucky".

The cards come with a DVD which has several routines and effects that you can do with these cards, but I would not follow their lead, I would take my best routine and see if I can use it with these cards. You can use these in many card props as well. For instance, the Television Frame or Card Box. Do you like mentalism? Why reveal a card when you can reveal a movie and the details of that movie. For that reason, the more well versed you are with horror movies, the better suited you will be to use these cards.

If there are drawbacks they are minor...the cards are not regular size so it may throw you off a bit, although being smaller should make them easier to handle. Because of their size they will not work with certain props (They will work with Attaboy but not with Astor Trio). Many people who see the promotional demonstration are expecting some earth shaking gimmick...Don't...the principle of the main effect is not new, but with these cards it is brilliant.

The sky is the limit here. Below is the sales ad for Directors Cut Horror...

The classic effect, born again. With a darker side...

Director's Cut HORROR is a much-requested release since the launch of Simon Shaw's hugely successful original plot.

This new version includes all of your favorite effects from the original, along with many additional twisted plots, ideas and routines that are simply to die for!!

Director Cut Horror comes complete with Horror poster cards (the same high quality stock as the original version) Some great Bonus Cards and a new DVD jam packed with great new effects!

So what is Director's Cut? Director's Cut a set of 26 movie poster cards that have been perfectly printed in full colour and laminated so they should last you a lifetime of performances! You also received a DVD which features Routines, Tips and Ideas to use with the cards.

Now you will be able to perform some seriously strong mentalism with an interesting and popular premise.

Director's Cut is Mentalism in its purest form. It's a whole act in your pocket. If you love the idea of using films as part of a routine then the Director's Cut is definitely for you. It can be used strolling, close-up or even parlour. Once you try it you will never leave home without it.

No gaffs, no markings, super clean, resets instantly and best of all everything is examinable!

Director's Cut can be used with a range of effects such as Mind reading body language, drawing duplications, remote viewing, predictions and muscle reading, in fact the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Simple to perform and strong reactions. What more could you ask from a performance? There is plenty of room for fun, drama and good old fashioned presentation.

"I used Simon's Director's Cut at a trade show last week for 3 consecutive days. Not only did it constantly amaze, but it provided one of the most entertaining routines I have ever used. It is a winner and should be in the arsenal of every serious mentalist!" - Richard Osterlind - May, 2008

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