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Demon of the Tarot

There are several examples of taking standard and simple magic effects (Directors Cut Horror comes immediately to mind), adding beautiful props, and creating a atmosphere that people will remember. This is true with the Demon of the Tarot effect (available from Stevens Magic). What you have in effect is a standard "pick a card" effect but it is very well hidden in the storyline and props. The "gargoyle" furnace is really a thing a beauty here.

This effect is really great for one on one or small groups, it would be difficult to lug the gargoyle around for table hopping but I suppose it is possible. The instructions include a very detailed patter about a woman in France and her way of keeping bad tarot readings at bay by burning the offensive cards is briefly touched on in the demo, but due to time restraints I shortened it very much. This is an ideal parlor effect, it is always ready and only takes a moment preparation.

One of the things I should mention is that this effect gives you spare and extra items. Why I mention this is that for years I have wanted to have a Svengali deck of Tarot cards, but did not want to go out and buy 25 decks of so to create one. This effect comes with enough material to create 2 decks of 50 card Svengali Tarots (with a little work on your part of course) so keep that in mind if you are considering purchasing this effect. Sometimes the props may outweigh the effect.

Remember if you are looking for an effect with a mind blowing secret you might want to pass on this one, however if you are looking for a creepy story with props that has a strong magic theme you might want to consider this one.

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