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Dagger Head Illusion

Dagger Head Chest is a very easy illusionette to do and not many weakness in this one either. There are angle issues but only because you have to be in front of the prop to see inside. Nothing will get exposed doing this effect surrounded. Since it takes a little while to do this effect, keep in mind there is someone in the box and it can get hot in there quickly.

This is not a quick prop to perform, there are almost 20 daggers that have to be stuck into a box, then you have to remove the same daggers in order to make the head reappear. However, the process of taking out the 20 daggers resets the trick and when you finish the effect, you are set to perform or repeat it again if needed. The effect does not pack any flatter than it is when you perform so if you want to travel light you might want to pass on this one.

On the plus side this is a very pretty cabinet and the daggers show up great as well. The one I am using is around 30 years old so these things are built to last. If you really want to do this one right, make up an impressive display stand for the 20 or so daggers you will be putting into the cabinet. The illusion looks great even with spectators somewhat close to the prop.

The sales ad for Dagger Head Chest is below...

An attractive cabinet, large enough to accommodate a personís head, is shown. The front panel is removed so that the spectators have a clear view of the empty interior. The front panel is replaced and the back door of the cabinet is opened. The cabinet is placed over the victimís head and the back door is closed.

Twenty solid metal daggers are impaled through the cabinet at every conceivable angle. The front panel is removed showing the interior filled with the daggers ... the head of the victim having vanished! You may even walk the victim down the aisle in this condition.

The front panel is replaced, the daggers withdrawn and the cabinet is removed. The victimís head is once more intact.

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