Abbotts Halloween Special


Card Rise Chest or Box

One of the first magic tricks I ever purchased as a kid was the Card Rise Box so I may be a little bias on the effect but it has always been one of my favorite effects because not only does the selected card rise out of the chest, the chest also eerily opens by itself. The best part of all is the price on the effect is about the same as what I paid for it in the seventies.

The reason I thought the Card Rise Box works for trick or treaters is because it can continuously rise cards. The effect is instantly repeatable (until you run out of cards of course). The prop itself is inexpensive so you can paint it and make it as creepy as you like. There are several versions of this effect with a creepy design, but remember you will be paying extra for that so if you can do it yourself, you are better off in the pocket book.

My original goal with this effect at Halloween was to rise Halloween gift certs from McDonalds out of one of these, but they are too flimsy to work with the gimmicks. We did have some success with "Nightmare on Elmstreet" baseball cards about ten years back, but the kids did not really care about them and what good was one baseball card. In addition if more than one kid came to the door, rising the treats out of the chest for each one is time consuming. So far, your best bet is to simply rise cards from the chest in the background, at least till McDonalds makes some stiffer gift certs for Halloween.

Couple minor issues, the Card Rise Box cannot be performed surrounded, however since the card rises to the front, people in back could not see the effect anyhow so there is really no reason to perform this effect surrounded. The box cannot be examined, but again, its your magic box why would you let anyone else look at it.

The effect is very easy to do, and most people do it one of two ways. Spectator freely selects a card and the card is shuffled into the deck by the magician who then uses the chest to make the selected card rise out. This version takes a little skill in shuffling by the magi but is still relatively easy to do. The second version is the spectator shuffles the deck and the magician takes the deck, places it in the box, and the four aces rise out one after another. This version does not require any skill except presentation and one of the boxes.

In my demo I showed a couple ways of doing the Card Rise Box. The most common is to simply hold it in one hand, however I do show a method that I use where you don't use any hands and do not even touch the box (Those who own a Card Rise Box will understand from the video how this is done). The way I do it in the demo also leaves you clean at the beginning and end of the effect, so to speak.

Below is the sales ad for Card Rise Box...

The Card Rise Box is a great conversation piece and a mind-blowing effect. A spectator selects any card from 52. The card is returned to the deck, which is placed inside the "Magic Box". Magically, the lid rises and the spectator's selected card begins to rise up out of the box! Accommodates both bridge and poker size playing cards! Each comes packed in a gift box for safekeeping.

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