Abbotts Halloween Special


Candy Bowl Production

The trick or treaters come to the door, you open the door and what do the kids see? An empty table. "I am out of treats right now so here's a trick" you say as you produce a bowl full of candy.

Its a real quick effect for Halloween and the whole process only takes a few seconds to do. The trouble with this is when the next group comes up you are not going to be set up to do the effect so they will have to get treats from the already produced bowl. You need a lag time of about 2 minutes to make this repeatable (plus the time to replenish the candy that was taken by the treaters). This effect is pricey so using something like this once a year just to produce a bowl of candy might not be practical, however it is a huge bowl and for us it was the reason we purchased the effect.

There are many ways to produce candy for the treaters, but this is probably the only way to produce a bowl full of candy (quickly) that can be handed out to the kids (since the kids are going to take a treat anyway, handing this bowl out for inspection actually makes a little sense).

This is actually the Abbott Super Bowl Production and it can be done several ways. The most common approach is to hold a large foulard, and something appears to take form in the foulard. You look for a spot to set down whatever it is and voila, bowl of water (or in our case candy). The way I demo it in the video is a little quicker to do and you don't need to get their attention away from the table. Just walk over, wiggle around the foulard, and voila, the kids candy magically appears and they can even take it out of the bowl.

You'll need to practice this one, its easy but the timing requires practice (setup does as well, you'll get quicker with the setup each time you perform this. Right now I can set this up in about 20-30 seconds.), also a little acting skill will go along way with this effect. The effect is not cheap, the bowl is big and so are the props, but it is a stage effect and when done right will startle the treaters, even at this closer range.

Below is the sales ad for Abbotts Super bowl Production...

Another Abbott innovation! A popular stage effect, compact enough for the club situation yet big enough in flash to work anywhere. A great night club trick as it can be performed with the audience all around you. The magician displays a cloth foulard and drapes it over his arm with a throwing motion. A shape appears under the cloth. The performer places the contents of the foulard on a neat-appearing table. When the cloth is removed the audience sees a large texture-finished clear plastic bowl filled with water and goldfish. The bowl could also contain an iced drink or fresh fruit. The bowl measures nearly fifteen inches in diameter and is almost six inches deep ... and, because of its design, it looks even bigger! After the production the audience will notice that the bowl is bigger than the table top! Comes complete with Supersonic Table Base, table top, bowl, accessories and instructions. No cloth foulard supplied.

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