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Burned In Time

We've taken the wonderful effect "Frozen in Time" and spookified it up a bit. The story line is that a witch was burned at the stake in Salem and at the exact moment her sentence was carried out, the executioner's watch stopped. Years later, during the Great Depression, a photograph was taken of this watch in a museum, still with the exact hour of the witches execution on its face. The photograph was then bolted and encased in lucite where it not only will be preserved for centuries, but also will eliminate any attempt to alter the picture.

With this patter you bring out the photograph which has a big black circle over where the clock should be. You ask the spectator to name an hour in the day and once the spectator says the hour. you remove the black circle and show that the picture is indeed the hour the spectator said. Very spooky effect dealing with both time, witches, and executioners.

Frozen in Time is a great prop but has a few minor issues. It takes practice to do smoothly but the gimmick is so much fun this should not be an issue. Examination of the props would not be wise, so I would always stick to the rule that unless you plan on giving something away you don't want to hand it out for examination. The effect cannot be performed surrounded and there are angle issues but just be aware of them and you will be fine (This is one of those tricks that is fun and easy to do so you might end up getting a little too comfortable with the angles). You are not clean at the end (which is why you don't hand anything out for examination) but you also do not have to do anything to clean up (nothing to ditch or any funny moves).

It sounds like there are many issues with this effect but the reality is there are not, its a great effect, any selected hour will appear on the photograph and there is only one photograph. Stay within the limits of the effect and you will have a real spooky fooler.

This is very good for an intimate setting and especially for one on one settings. Good results from table hopping because the reset time is quick, but beware of curious spectators from behind, keep your body between them and the effect and you will do well. I have thought about combining this effect with the Room Service effect, where a murder is committed in a hotel room and the investigator died and was buried with TWO pieces of evidence, the room key and a picture which shows the time of the murder. To date I have not tried this, might be too much talking for my liking.

Below is the sales ad for Frozen in Time... A magician shows a picture of a pocketwatch which is sealed inside a lucite block. The lucite block is kept in a transparent plastic cover. A black spot on the plastic cover hides the watch face so that no can see when the watch was photographed. The magician asks a spectator to name any hour. (This is not the magician's choice or a force.) Then the lucite block is removed from the cover revealing that the watch diplays the same hour as the spectator's choice.

Frozen in Time allows you to predict a randomly selected time with nothing more complicated than a photograph. No electronics, no complicated gimmicks.

Comes complete with picture in lucite block, transparent cover and instruction sheet.

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