Abbotts Halloween Special


Book of Revelations

This fine effect was created by the people at Lebanon Circle in England. It comes with everything you need including the book, gimmick, and well thought out instructions. You'll start playing with this one immediately but please read the instructions, there are some very good idea's and I am sure once you understand the working of this device you too will be inspired with your own idea's.

The books that are sent with this are creepy books to begin with and they are well made which adds to the creepiness of the effect. The book can be examined by the spectator, then the spectator selects a card and places it into the book (anywhere, magician can turn his back if he likes). The book is returned to the Magician who causes the card to rise out of the book. In fact, the magician can make the card rise in different directions if you like. Nothing attached to the card at all! No strings or anything. This effect gets a high mark from us.

Limitations, it cannot be performed surrounded. Its close, but unless you are very adept I would not perform this surrounded. I also think it works best in a parlor or closeup setting although it will show up on a stage. You really need to spin a spooky story around this book, maybe tell a tale of the previous owner and the strange happenings surrounding the book.

I have seen this performed very well in seances. The "medium" has the book on the table and people refer to the book during the seance, a couple people select tarot cards and place them in the book so no one can know what they are or where they are. Medium goes into a trance with the book, and the cards rise out of the book.

You'll like this one and perform it often, it will not sit in a drawer and can be used all year round (no one has to know its a creepy book). Its very easy to do so you should be able to focus on presentation.

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