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Bleeding Rose

I do not know why I think this is gruesome, perhaps its catching blood drippings in a glass or chalice, but for whatever reason, I do consider the Bleeding Rose a very un-natural effect that works for Halloween.

This is made of movie prop quality, very nice. It is relatively easy to do, not a lot of time to set up, but it does have one big drawback...It leaves a mess. This is not something that you would want to do in someones living room, and to watch something drip blood from a stage may also leave something to be desired. Surely it is not a closeup effect, and if you want to do it in a parlor atmosphere you must be careful about the blood spattering. It would be fabulous in a haunted house environment, where a vampire is relatively close to the people and have a rose bleed into a glass, then consume the contents of the glass. It would also be good for trick or treaters coming to your house on Halloween, provided you were outside (In an earlier post I mention that I do not consider the Needle Thru Arm effect appropriate for Trick or Treaters - This, I think, is an acceptable substitute - Gruesome in a much more elegant way and still quick and visual).

The white rose is stunning looking, and watching it bleed and slowly turn red really looks cool. I do not think the camera's captured that very well in the demo we did. You can control the bleeding, from a slow drip to an arterial spurt (we tried to show both ways in the demo). The flower cleans up very well and is good as new in less than a minute (you clean it by simply running warm water over it, whatever material they used they chose well).

Besides the mess it makes, there is one other question you should ask yourself before purchasing this effect...What am I going to do with the flower once the effect is over? Your hands will most likely have "blood" on them and be wet from this as well. The flower will also be wet with blood so the question is, where are you going to put this messy little item when you are finished? In my opinion the best place for it when finished would be an opaque vase which will allow the top half of the prop to be displayed and would catch any residual "blood" that may drip from the rose.

The effect has really very few limitations, angles would be the weakness I suppose, it cannot be done surrounded. Seeing a rose bleed and catching the blood in a glass is gruesome to me, and this effect does deliver the goods. You just need to be aware of the logistical issues that go with this effect. It is repeatable after about a minute or so near a sink so whether that is practical or not is your choice depending on your needs. Patter should be no problem with this, the purity of the white rose turning red with blood could represent anything from vampires to corrupted people. I have had my Bleeding Rose for over a year now and it has held up well.

Below is the sales ad for the Bleeding Rose... The magician is seen holding a rose. He takes a knife (or scissors) and opens it up, proceeding to cut some of the leaves off of the rose. He then makes a deliberate stab into the head of the rose. The rose head squirts blood out and the magician reaches for a wine glass.

He lets the blood from the rose drip into the glass until the rose is totally bled out. Now the magician takes the glass of wine and drinks the rose blood (if you dare).

Comes complete with gimmicked rose and detailed instructions for performing this shocking stage illusion. Instructions explain how to create the fake blood, as well as proper handling and care for the rose.

Rose Height With Stem Approximately 12 1/2" (32cm)

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