Abbotts Halloween Special



As a kid I remember going to the Magic Emporium on 10 mile road in Southfield and asking whether I should purchase a Zombie or Astrosphere? The dealers replay was "conditions have to be right for the Astrosphere" and in this case, Halloween is the perfect conditions for the Astrosphere.

There are several different types of Astrosphere, the one I am using is a mirror ball. I like the reflective qualities of it but lose a little in mobility. The standard Astrosphere probably is smoother.

Astrosphere is very pretty and visual and you can drape it like a cone and have the ball go up and down the cone, creating an almost unearthly look as it travels through a see through shroud. Once you get going, Astrosphere is pretty reliable and repeatable.

Astrosphere has one big knock and anyone who has owned one will testify...the gimmick gets tangled when not in use. If you think Christmas lights are bad, you should try untangling something you can barely see. Setup time should take a minute or two but in some cases may be half and hour depending on how tangled up things have become.

I've heard tales of Astrosphere melting in sunlight which makes sense, its made of a soft like plastic so it would not take much heat to deform the sphere (another reason I paid a little extra for my mirror ball).

The mirror ball I am using has a way to detach the gimmick without destroying anything so this helps a little in a bad tangle up.

All in all you should not have a problem with Astrosphere on Halloween. Open it up, untangle it, and away you go. Its when you put it away you really have to watch your angles to prevent tangling when you get it out the next time.

Below is the sales ad for Astrosphere...

This is one of the finest one man floating ball effects. It enables you to float a gleaming ball very easily, and is a very baffling magic effect for the audience !

The effect is that a glittering metal ball approximately 5 1/2" in diameter floats in all directions without any visible means of support. It floats up and down in front of a sheer, almost transparent cloth, then from one side of the cloth to the other, over the edge, and more .....

We supply you all the necessary apparatus including ball, cloth and gimmick, and instructions for this routine.

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